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  1. Vanguard 403b Services A Mess

    Hey Tony, I am thanking you for both sharing this and helping this person. I am also pointing out that I have had trouble with them as well. It may take the Newport folks some time to get up to speed. But again, this is good info for the 403(b) community. - Dan
  2. TIAA Traditional

    My experience with TIAA Traditional: http://403bwise.com/wisecracks/entry/309
  3. Vanguard 403b Services A Mess

    Tony, thanks for helping this person, and thank you for sharing your experience here. I love Vanguard. I got to meet John Bogle; he's written me several kind notes; and at one time it looked like Vanguard was going to sponsor 403bwise. Vanguard has saved me tens and maybe ultimately hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I too had some issues with them as I documented in this Wise story. To their credit the acknowledged this via Twitter (posted below). Let's hope my issue and the one Tony documented is isolated. Vanguard‏Verified account @Vanguard_Group 9 Oct 2017 Replying to @teachretirerich @meridianwealth and 8 others We're sorry for any inconvenience, Dan. We appreciate you taking the time to give this feedback & have shared it with the appropriate team.
  4. What are my options before I leave job?

    You mention in the title about leaving your job. Is that something you plan to do soon (within next few years)? If so, you may want to wait until you move on. At that point you can roll the AXA funds into a Rollover IRA with Vanguard, or Fidelity, etc. - Dan Job Change and the 403(b)
  5. Aspire?

    Hi Radase, We did a podcast on Aspire: http://teachandretirerich.libsyn.com/episode-11-mark-luckinbill-of-aspire-financial-services-0 NEA has notoriously taken advantage of teachers over the years http://403bwise.com/wisecracks/entry/30. In fact they were sued for this: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/business/17suit.html They do now have a lower cost option but until they cease their high fee arrangement via Security Benefit I would avoid them if possible. I think you are better off looking at Fidelity or Vanguard via Aspire. TIAA has been in the news for some very poor business practices. I have written about this http://403bwise.com/wisecracks/entry/315 and we just released a podcast about it http://teachandretirerich.libsyn.com/episode-54-tiaa-troubles. I happily use their fixed annuity account as you will read. Good to see you have some improved choices. - Dan
  6. TIAA, FIdelity and NEA (Security Benefit)

    I know all about TIAA's issues. As I said, because of SB's past and current behavior (other products) I am dubious. Have they ceased offering their other products/practices? Why reward that behavior when you have Fidelity for low cost mutual funds and TIAA for it's fixed annuity? I didn't say you have to use TIAA. But I happily do for the fixed portion of my portfolio: http://403bwise.com/wisecracks/entry/309
  7. TIAA, FIdelity and NEA (Security Benefit)

    You have two very strong choices (Fidelity and TIAA). As far as Security Benefit/NEA goes, I would be dubious: http://403bwise.com/wisecracks/entry/30 and http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/business/17suit.html
  8. Tiaa Ny Times Article

    I really wish TIAA would come out with a detailed response.
  9. Hey All, Scott and I just had perhaps our most interesting podcast ever. Enjoy... Teach and Retire Rich podcast #53: Custodian Cleans Up His 403(b): From annuities to a high six figure balance.
  10. Forum Upgrade

    Thank you for kind words. Love the chart, Steve. So hopeful for people to be able to see this. - Dan
  11. Tiaa Ny Times Article

    EdLaFave, The internet is full of over the top hyperbole. We really don't want that here. Folks might begin to think you have ulterior motives. - Dan
  12. Tiaa Ny Times Article

    Latest Wisecracks: TIAA Thoughts
  13. Tiaa Ny Times Article

    Tony et al, Sorry for the access issues. As I mentioned, we have seen a heavy spike in traffic (most likely because of the TIAA story). Thanks for your patience! - Dan
  14. Tiaa Ny Times Article

    Hey Tony, All the activity has caused some issues with the board's availability. We are actually researching some fixes/alternatives. We will keep everyone in the loop if we make any changes. - Dan
  15. Tiaa Ny Times Article

    Hey Ed, I think "disgusting" is a bit harsh. I too am disappointed they are not loudly championing the fiduciary rule. These companies are not perfect and there are issues and challenges behind the scenes that we may not always be privy to. I am with Steve in proudly stating that I will keep my money with TIAA, and Vanguard (and Fidelity) for the rest of my days baring some reason to change. Steve also rightly points out TIAA's multiple efforts to change truly ridiculous California legislation that directly hurts teachers. I documented my issues moving money from Vanguard and they actually tweeted an apology to me. Let's not make the perfect the enemy of the damn good. :) - Dan