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  1. 403(b) Contribution Limit Increases to $19,000 for 2019; IRA limit increases to $6,000
  2. Admin

    TEACH and Retire RICH book review

    Steve, This is awesome and so thorough! Love how you weaved in your experiences. So clever! Thanks too for pointing out that rich means: "“Rich” is the ability to retire early with financial peace of mind, no debts, owning a nice home located at a retirement resort community, traveling, donating to worthy causes, with a financially comfortable nest egg." - Dan
  3. Admin

    ‘Magical’ or ‘Unsuitable’?

    Glad you were able to access.
  4. Admin

    ‘Magical’ or ‘Unsuitable’?

    Hey Tony, Hmmm. It opened for me. Try pasting: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/Fixed_Index_Annuities_Magical_or_Unsuitable.html?mobi=true or searching Magical or unsuitable. Let me know how it goes. - Dan
  5. Why fiduciary rule was needed
  6. Thank you, Michael! Looking forward to seeing the formal announcement.
  7. One of my favorite FIRE reads is the Mad Fientist. He just posted this on withdrawal rates: https://www.madfientist.com/safe-withdrawal-rate/
  8. https://www.ssa.gov/cola/ Maybe bump for 403(b) as well?
  9. Along with Scott Dauenhauer, Steve Schullo, Sandy Keaton and many others, I attended last week's RISE of California Retirement Investment Summit on Education in Sacramento. Here's my take: The Elephant in the Room. It would be good to hear perspective of others who attended.
  10. Admin

    New Documentary worth watching--FIRE

    Thanks for sharing, Steve. I have been following many of these folks for awhile and am quite impressed.
  11. I have to think this is a result of the NY Times 403(b) stories: Illinois Teachers to Get New Retirement Savings Plan Excerpt: “We required TRS to create a deferred compensation plan to offer to every school district,” Martwick said. “So now teachers will know they will get a high performing, low-cost deferred compensation plan to supplement their retirement.”
  12. Admin

    Pod now on Spotify

    The Teach and Retire Rich podcast is now available on Spotify.
  13. Admin

    Need Help with 403(b)/ 457 Options

    Welcome CMK, A couple of resources: 403(b) and or a Roth IRA 457(b) Information Dan
  14. Admin

    Our Pod now on Stitcher

    Hey Everyone, The Teach and Retire Rich pod is now available on Stitcher (in addition to iTunes and Libsyn). If you have an Android phone you can now listen to TRR on the Stitcher app. We will be available on Spotify shorty. - Dan
  15. 403bannuitysalesman, Can you share the name of the school district? Thanks. - Dan