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  1. tony

    Total return vs. daily price of mutual funds

    This site might help. But not sure its exactly what you are looking for. It will let you do a 5 day ,one month ,three month and beyond comparisons of up to 24 multiple funds on a graph format. you can also compare a fund against its index or any other index. https://www.nasdaq.com/quotes/mutual-fund-comparison-charts.aspx
  2. When I taught Personal Finance I always introduced my students to the concept of occasion response. A marketing ploy where you create a holiday , you promote it heavily and people will then spend tons of money. I mentioned all the money companies can make by getting you to part with your money by creating guilt and a sense of obligation to overspend.. It works .Valentine's day is a good example as is Mother's day and Father's day. If you don't spend big money during these holidays you are nothing but an insensitive heel !! So follow the herd and please overspend . Ha Ha don't fall for it. Oh and all you fathers out there, Happy Father's Day!! https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/life/spend-less-fathers-day-gifts/?aff_id=2&aff_sub2=homepage
  3. It’s a great tragedy that despite its obvious importance to everyone, our educational system almost totally ignores the field of finance and investments. http://www.etf.com/sections/index-investor-corner/swedroe-financial-illiteracys-high-cost?nopaging=1
  4. tony

    Careers With The Most Millionaires

    Thanks Krow for all that info. I think you and Steve are right. It must include higher earning college and university professors , higher education administrators and dual income k-14 earners in higher paying states. But making more money in an expensive cost- of- living state must certainly neutralize the advantage of a higher income somewhat.Still ,I'm in that club and I never made over $60,000 a year and it took me 30 years to get to that salary for heavens sakes!. Granted my wife worked too but its still possible to make it happen for less than some folks might think. Here ,where I live , very few k-12 teachers end up being millionaires but I think its their mindset that is partly responsible. They don't really strive for it or have already decided before they even start that its a pipe dream. And ,of course ,part of the problem is lack of financial knowledge and the horrendous insurance annuities that most buy into.
  5. tony

    Careers With The Most Millionaires

    Good points Steve. The teacher umbrella might include college professors and administrators. I wonder if they included pensions in the equation. If they did then it makes it more logical to me. Still finding teachers ahead of doctors can't possibly be accurate.
  6. Well, I ran into this article by chance. Granted its six years old, still it was a surprise to see teachers on this list. We've got teachers complaining about low wages and striking yet, as a profession they made this list. I guess its proof if your committed and savvy and hardworking , it can be done on any salary. The chart shows smart investing makes a difference . Don't have a clue how they reached their conclusions but if true its encouraging. https://www.aol.com/2012/03/26/surprising-job-that-gets-many-americans-into-the-millionaire-clu/
  7. tony

    Why Teachers are Walking Out?

    I read somewhere and it was a scholarly article that if 50% of the administrative bureaucracy in education could be eliminated (and it probably could be eliminated), every teacher in the USA would get an instant 20,000 dollar raise. I believe it. I also wonder what the NEA is doing with all that money it collects from teachers. Note: The article was not talking about principals, and other essential administrative people. It was talking about the positions not even remotely needed to operate a school system.
  8. tony

    Why Teachers are Walking Out?

    ED The somewhat elitist educational community is partly to blame . Even in our community, taxpaying citizens see the school district as arrogant and big spenders and disrespectful to the folks who end up paying the taxes. Our school system tried to put forth a proposal for aTaj Mahal like new high school at a cost of 100 million dollars. It was stopped by local taxpayers and rightfully so. A lesser cost school will do just fine. I don't blame the teachers, but the powers that be in education don't seem to care about the impact their spending has on ordinary taxpayers. This is the part of education I don't respect. The elitist ivory tower administrators who like to spend too much.
  9. SURPRISE! The traditional teacher pension plan is already gone in many states. In most cases these teachers are offered what's called a hybrid plan which combines elements of a traditional pension and a 403(b)-style account. Generally, they shift more of the investment risk to the workers. That makes it even more important for teachers to understand the underlying investments in their plans. Ed, in our state you can't even count on the union to do even the basic things you mention. The union state and local is pretty worthless here as are the local reps. They walk around collecting dues and then you never see them again. All you get from them is a monthly NEA magazine. I never joined and frankly I think teachers could do better without this huge organization. Just look what the NEA has done for teachers in the 403b arena. I don't see things getting better for teachers.Ultimately with the huge turnover now occurring most kids today won't even remember who their teachers were once they grow up.
  10. Jebjebitz I totally understand what you are saying.For your sake and others I hope it works out for you. Start writing your governor and representatives now and express your concern. The union should be looking into this. Share these articles with your Union rep. Make sure you elect the right people in your next elections. In the meantime keeping saving!! As a side note, being Italian I have always loved New Jersey, the boardwalks and the eateries and delis. I don't envy the taxes you guys pay up there however. Keep us up to date on your efforts and findings As Kennedy once said "The time to patch the roof is when its sunny" Yup start addressing this issue NOW!!
  11. Imua, Thank-You for adding your article. Scary .Here is an article that might give you some perspective on Virginia's past problem and how it was handled. .http://www.dailypress.com/news/watchdog/dp-virginia-retirement-system-faces-financial-crisis-20110426-story.html
  12. Luckily, Virginia has a strong retirement system at the moment ( I think).However back during the last major downturn, the system developed a tiered benefit system. I was in tier one based on my years of service so nothing changed for me. Others however with less years of service or newcomers ended up in tier two which was adjusted and not as beneficial as tier one. They also had to pay more into the system. I believe it was 6% of their income. Seems like teachers today have it tougher than ever in all aspects of their employment. So worse case scenario in my opinion is you might see your benefits reduced and payments into it go up by participants. I seriously doubt your pension plan would completely fail. If the situation was that bad I am sure money would be found to prop it up. Problem with New Jersey is your taxes are already very high . Ultimately it could fall on taxpayers or major reduction of other services. I feel teachers are getting the raw deal in so many ways. Lets hope reducing their pensions is not yet another blow against the profession. Here in Virginia there has been talk for years that teachers shouldn't have benefits other workers no longer have. Luckily we now have a balanced General Assembly. For years it was heavily Republican. I still say save all you can just in case something catastrophic does happen. Also make sure you have some risk protection in your savings like bonds and cash. Don't like predicting what lies ahead but this expansion has been going on for a long time and eventually things might turn. I realize some of you have never experienced employment while in a major downturn as of yet. Its no fun.
  13. I am starting to worry about the next downturn when it comes and it will come. Some of you younger folks have seen nothing but good times in the last ten years. Things can change. Be prepared. Many pension funds for public workers already owe far more in retirement benefits than they have in the bank, and the problem will only grow worse if the economy slows down, according to a report released last week. The study from The Pew Charitable Trusts found that the New Jersey and Kentucky public pension funds are in such perilous shape that they risk running dry. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/study-some-public-pensions-funds-could-run-dry-in-downturn/
  14. tony

    Why Teachers are Walking Out?

    This site won't let me use the word S_E _X or S_ H_0-T. It always stops me after the letter S. is that normal?