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  1. 403B Options--Planmember Services?

    I will definitely inquire about everything you've suggested to me. Thank you!
  2. 403B Options--Planmember Services?

    Nope can't do anything! I've explored every option possible.
  3. 403B Options--Planmember Services?

    Second list is correct. To be honest, I have no idea how I made that error! I'm in NY. I have been trying to get Aspire added for a year now. It is such a long and ridiculous journey to get new platforms added. The duplicate names are definitely confusing. I will look into Lincoln. Thanks.
  4. 403B Options--Planmember Services?

    Thank you for your replies! It seems I made an error (sadly). Here are my options: GWN/Employee Deposit Acct Lincoln Investment Planning The Legend Group/ADSERV MetLife Voya Now what!?
  5. Here's my list of 403b options.. MetLife Oppenheimer Voya The Legend Group PlanMember Services Security Group I'm with AXA and I want out. My fees are 2.2% and 30.00 admin. Any knowledge of the others? I know they're all pretty bad from doing my research on here. I'm thinking the best bet is PlanMember Services because I can invest with Fidelity and Vanguard and oversee my own accounts. Thoughts? Thanks!!!
  6. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    Yea--my husband's district requires at least 5 people to request Aspire for it to be added. Seems I'll be calling Lincoln Investments at the suggestion of another poster on here.
  7. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    Mark...I emailed you. I'd like to know the details of how to ask OMNI to be added to the list. Someone in my husband's district thinks that new providers won't be added unless a bunch of teachers request it.
  8. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    I am so appreciative of all this advice! I am definitely going to reach out to see if Aspire can simply be added to the list. In the meantime, I will certainly be opening up a Roth IRA. Thanks a million!!!!
  9. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    Thanks so much Dave. I was contemplating Lincoln as a viable option simply because I could put Vanguard in there. I will confirm that 1% fee and call AXA to see about when my surrender charges expire. I appreciate the help with the specific questions I should answer. Anything else? Ken--North Bellmore UFSD. Thanks for digging around. Lola
  10. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    According to AXA and OMNI, I am not able to move the funds from the 403b I have to another plan, such as a 457. So that is out of the possible options, unfortunately. Thanks for the info, Dan. I do hope we don't move districts ever though :-). I'll be checking those links out too. I will definitely be calling AXA back and asking about moving money 10% at a time or what other options I have. The last time they just told me I could only touch it because of hardship, separation from service or if I took a loan with 6% interest. Lola
  11. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    I appreciate all of the help. I think I will cease contribution to AXA and unfortunately just let the money sit there in the 1.75% savings account until a better 403b company is added to the list (which I will rally for). I will take the $30.00 admin yearly fee and wait until something better comes along or my husband is 59.5 first! Let's hope it's the former. In the meantime, I will definitely be opening a ROTH IRA and looking into the other taxable accounts. Thanks again!
  12. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    Appreciate the response! I am aware of the expense ratios and I believe they are quite high with AXA. I think all the choices are bad LOL. Hence, why I feel so stuck. I was thinking maybe the answer is just pulling the money and putting it into that aforementioned savings account and leaving it there until 59.5. That 30.00 fee over approx 30 years would be 900 obviously. I just don't know if that's stupid! I want to open a ROTH IRA in any case and have that be our primary source of saving. I don't want to use the 403b as my primary source of savings--I'm fine with stopping contributing all together or just doing a bare minimum sort of thing. I am flexible with anyone's suggestions about what I should/shouldn't be putting in there. We were contributing $175 a pay check. I don't like that AXA just gives a list of funds to my husband and asks him to sign when his advisor wants to move things around. I think we should be sat down and told how much the fees are for each new mutual fund etc. that he's moving to. Is it possible to request a low-cost fund like the Vanguard index ones so many people talk about on here and just leave our money in there? This can all be so jargon-y and overwhelming. I am unable to move the money into anything including a 457. The absolute only option is another 403b company. I have asked this question numerous times to several companies including the OMNI group that seems to play a part in this as well. The list is our only option. I hope that was enough info. Thanks again!
  13. Axa 403B--I'm Lost!

    Hi-- New to this forum but I've been learning a lot! My husband and I are both teachers but he has a 403b with his district in NY for the past 6 years. We are only 30 years old and don't have that much in there but we are getting nailed with fees from AXA ($30/admin + others). Now he married me and I ask questions :-). We don't have any options to rollover into any other plan (ROTH, 457 etc) until we are 59.5. The only option is choosing another 403b company from this list: GWN/Employee Deposit Acct Lincoln Investment Planning MetLife The Legend Group/ADSERV Voya Financial (ING Natl NY) Any recommendations? I know enough do stay away from life insurance companies now that you guys have educated me but I feel so stuck about how to decide on a new one. What questions do I ask? I did call Lincoln who said they can act as a broker for Fidelity or Vanguard and I can have my 403b there. No one was able to give me the fees yet though. And I'm assuming having them as a 3rd party would cost more??? It seems to be independent advisors-- many of whom said they would make house calls. BTW if we break AXA and move it over to a new company it's about $600 to do so. We are fine with doing this as long as we know we are making a smart move. We also have the option to just keep the money in a savings account (and stop contributing) with AXA at 1.75% but the $30/admin fee does not go away until 59.5 years of age. I'd like to open a ROTH IRA separately with Vanguard and just make the 403b sort of a secondary thing just to get it out of our hair at this point!!!! Thanks for the anticipated responses!