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    Help Choosing Between Limited 403B Options

    Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions! Tony I think you are right on those two being my best options. Dan good call on seeing if I may be able to add even better options, I will call my new district's business office today or Monday. Dustin I do have a Roth IRA but with Horace mann, so the fees are more than I should be paying, should I put that into a schwab Roth instead?
  2. Hello Everyone! This is my first time posting and I am hoping I can get some advice and expertise. I am starting a job in a new school district in Illinois and am dismayed that my options for 403b are not ideal. I was hoping for Vanguard, Fidelity or TIAA-Creff based on a lot of posts seeming to say these are good low fee options. Here are my choices, could you all please help recommend a best possible option between these? Do one or two stand out as definitely good choices? Any stand out as ones to for sure avoid? Thanks! Here are my options: Ameriprise Financial AXA Equitable Great American Life Insurance Company Lincoln Investment Planning MetLife Thriven Financial for Lutherans VALIC Financial Advisers Thoughts? Steve