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  1. As is documented, I had a terrible time finding anybody at Security Benefit who could speak knowledgeably about NEA DirectInvest. According to a boglehead user, 800-747-3942 is their direct number and the folks who answer that line are helpful and knowledgeable. https://www.bogleheads.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=260609
  2. EdLaFave

    403b Business Venture

    lol here we ago again.
  3. EdLaFave

    Can Vanguard Remain Alone?

    Perhaps I have an incomplete picture. What exactly were their problems with the fiduciary rule and didn’t they withhold support because they had problems with the regulations? I don’t find these to be compelling reasons to speak out against the rule: https://www.etf.com/sections/features-and-news/vanguard-why-proposed-fiduciary-rule-unfit/page/0/1 ...then you’ve got Vanguard changing the language that was talked about earlier on this forum. They’re making me feel uncomfortable.
  4. EdLaFave

    Can Vanguard Remain Alone?

    I really only care about two things: 1) Am I well diversified. 2) Am I keeping as much profit as possible. That’s it. That’s all I care about. The end. Sure I think Vanguard’s corporate structure is more likely to deliver those two outcomes, but I have to live in reality, not just theory. The reality is that Fidelity has produced well diversified index funds with ZERO fees. I’m waiting a year or so to fully evaluate it, but I’ll be very surprised if I don’t switch. Thanks to Vanguard, index funds are a commodity, not a product. It doesn’t matter where I buy it, it only matters what I pay for it. Also I’m not impressed with Vanguard’s shift in culture. Opposition to the fiduciary rule was a clear signal to me that they aren’t on the investor’s side. Sure, I don’t think Fidelity is either. That’s fine, now that we have index funds and a price war over them, the only force we need on our side is an insatiable consumer desire for NO fees...or better yet, interest earned on the money I invest in a fund!
  5. EdLaFave

    Can Vanguard Remain Alone?

    Bogle was a saint. I interpreted “at the top” to mean who is best rather than who has the most assets.
  6. EdLaFave

    Can Vanguard Remain Alone?

    Just my two cents, but Vanguard isn’t alone at the top because they’ve already been beaten. ...all of my money is still in Vanguard, for now.
  7. EdLaFave

    Aspire or NEA Direct Invest

    ...and if I didn’t already provide the link, this is a quick read that’ll give you the foundational knowledge you need: https://educatorsfightingforfairness.wordpress.com/investing-101/
  8. EdLaFave

    Aspire or NEA Direct Invest

    I believe I’ve already linked you to everything you need to know (including fund choice): https://educatorsfightingforfairness.wordpress.com/security-benefits-nea-directinvest/
  9. EdLaFave

    Aspire or NEA Direct Invest

    Enroll in Security Benefit’s NEA DirectInvest, transfer your AXA stuff into it, and be done with it. Ask questions as needed. Once you get that sorted out then ask yourself if you’ll ever max out the 403b (19k) and if you will then you can work on getting Fidelity added because they offer the best 457b.
  10. EdLaFave

    Aspire or NEA Direct Invest

    If one were to invest in a target date fund then picking the date based on your expected retirement is fine. However, it is better to pick the fund based on its current bond/stock split and its future glidepath (i.e. how quickly and to what degree it adds more bonds in the future). Your portfolio needs to match your risk tolerance.
  11. EdLaFave

    Aspire or NEA Direct Invest

    I've been in and out on your thread(s) TonyZ so I may have missed something, but I still think you should take the time to enumerate every 403b and 457b vendor (include state sponsored plans) that your district has approved. To answer your question about Aspire, I've already done the leg work for you here.
  12. EdLaFave

    2019 YTD return--January is good!

    The US stock market dropped 37% in 2008 so I don’t think you’ve provided enough information (a 26% loss in 2008) to support the notion that they really screwed up. I have no idea how they run things, but that figure isn’t enough to make me think they’re doing it poorly.
  13. EdLaFave

    NEA Direct Invest 403b - NJ teacher

    Your district determines which 403b and 457b plans you’re allowed to use (which is the source of a lot of pain for people). If Security Benefit is on your approved vendor list then you could use the NEA DirectInvest 403b plan all on your own.
  14. EdLaFave

    She Hasn't Had A Savings Account In 9 Years

    Apparently proponents (whoever they are, maybe people on her staff, maybe people working with her) distributed an overview of the Green New Deal that contained the language in question, which you can read here. It still isn’t clear to me, in the context of that document, what it means to provide economic security to those unwilling to work. Major outlets have discussed this: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/07/ocasio-cortezs-green-new-deal-offers-economic-security-for-those-unwilling-to-work.html https://www.businessinsider.com/ocasio-cortez-aoc-green-new-deal-controversy-unwilling-to-work-line-faq-2019-2
  15. EdLaFave

    She Hasn't Had A Savings Account In 9 Years

    There may or may not be some level of truth in the “unwilling to work” thing (perhaps in an early draft), I don’t know. What I do know is that the right has an obsession with AOC and love to criticize her without engaging in the substance of her policies. It’s actually interesting to listen to them refer to her as fringe because many of her policies have majority support among the population.