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  1. ERO refund

    I don’t believe so.
  2. Who to start a Fidelity 403b

    Thanks, Ed. They are speaking with Vanguard as well.
  3. I recently found out that my wife’s school district is looking into setting up a low cost 403b option. This is obviously great news! Apparently the HR/payroll person at the school is having difficulty opening a dialogue with Fidelity. Can anyone give me specific information on how to get the ball rolling? It’s probabaly talked about on the forum, but I didn’t find out anything doing a quick search. Thanks
  4. 403b Annuity Salesman Perspective

    403bman, I do agree with you. However, I have to say that the financial services in general is pretty slimy. The average person doesn’t have enough education and can easily be taken advantage of. Pretty sad.
  5. 403b Annuity Salesman Perspective

    So glad you have taken the time to give some insight from your perspective. I also wish enrollment was mandatory but only to a low cost provider. I truly don't understand why the teacher segment of the population is left with so few choices.
  6. 403b Annuity Salesman Perspective

    I wish he would reply. It'd be nice to pick his brain some. I'm impressed that he took the time to post at all!
  7. 403b Annuity Salesman Perspective

    Very interesting! I would love to know who Mr. 403bman works for??
  8. 457B State Plans for K-12 employees

    Well, just got a call back from the state deferred comp agency and they are claiming that since Illinois schools are controlled by local government/school boards teachers are not eligible to use the state run 457. Very frustrating and doesn't really make sense to me. Illinois sucks in every way.
  9. 457B State Plans for K-12 employees

    I'm attempting to again get information on the Illinois 457. It has some great low cost options. I was told before that it was only for state and state university employees. This is what the plan document states "All employees of the State of Illinois who are receiving salary for personal services are eligible to participate in the Plan. This includes, but is not limited to, State University employees, Judges, part-time employees, Legislators, and elected State Officers. Also included is any person under contract for personal services with a State Agency." Now, all Illinois public teachers contribute roughly 10% of each paycheck to the Illinois Teacher Retirement System(TRS) which is a state agency. I don't see why/how they can exclude public teachers, particularly because of the "not limited to" statement. Anyone have any thoughts? I waiting on a call back from the Illinois deferred comp dept.
  10. What are my options before I leave job?

    krow, thanks for the information. My wife’s district is very small with no HR dept, just the Superintendent and some accounting personnel. I’m still working with the Super to add Fidelity or at least Aspire, but I don’t want to push him to hard. He’s a friend and had been receptive thus far. As as far as AXA goes, yes, I’m sure the withholding of information is very intentional. I’ve requested a phone call from someone who can tell me something about this 360 product. Thanks for the information, you truly are a wealth of knowledge and support! BTW, I did get a call from a FINRA investigator this week. He has begun investigating our complaint against AXA. For what’s it worth, better than doing nothing.
  11. What are my options before I leave job?

    krow36, I've been emailing back and forth with AXA and just spent 30 mins on the phone and know one seems to have even heard of the AXA Retirement 360. This is typical of AXA. I'm very interested in learning about the fees associated with this product. My wife has a considerable amount stuck with AXA until we can get her school to add another vendor, maybe this could be a viable option? I'd rather walk thru broken glass than give AXA another dime, but my wife can't leave her job just to transfer her 403b. I know the MillionaireEducator would say otherwise;)
  12. It surely does! Sounds almost too good to be true.
  13. Guaranteed Interest account AXA

    Please do keep us updated, and yes it can be very frustrating dealing with this stuff. I wouldnt say smart, just very lucky!
  14. Custodian Cleans Up His 403(b)

    Great podcast! Goes to show you what determination and some knowledge can accomplish.
  15. Guaranteed Interest account AXA

    Sorry, I would've responded sooner but I've been out of town, literally off the grid, for the past week on a hunting trip.