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  1. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    Thank you so so much! I am going to get on that. This really helped me get off the fence with Fidelity and Metlife and getting that 403 switched and a 457 started!
  2. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    So I have a small retirement Roth IRA, that I opened a long time ago (which has really barely anything in it) but I opened that at a bank. So I am thinking I will max out my 403b open a small 457 to see if I can slowly max that out as I get acclimated to the change in pay. Should I open a Roth before I max out 457? or just start a small one in addition to the start up of the 457? Again, so so helpful! Ive been holding off, because I didnt understand a lot of this!
  3. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    So in opening an IRA, do we do that through a bank?
  4. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    We are not contributing to a Roth. Ive never heard of the backdoor Roth... Is there a benefit to staying with Metlife for 2017? TIA:)
  5. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    Hi! I am currently trying to max out my 403b. My husband has also maxed out his TSP. We hope to have a little more to invest once kids go into public school. I am not sure how long I will be in the school system, as my husband could be relocated in the next few years. It is kind of up in the air...Thank you again so much! This is all really helping.
  6. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans Fidelity Investments Lincoln National Life Insurance Lincoln Investment Planning Metropolitan Life Insurance Company ReliaStar Life Insurance Co. (A VOYA Company) VALIC VOYA Financial
  7. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    You are so helpful! I am in Virginia. That was another question that I was going to inquire about. If a 457 was worth it or should I be looking at Roth IRAs or some thing else? Thank you!
  8. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    Thank you so much! Is it hard to manage the Fidleity without guidance? I am not very financially savvy.
  9. Fidelity, USAA or MetLife

    I am a teacher who has had a 403b plan for 11 years with metlife. I naively didnt realize there was such a discrepency in fees. The rep who was managing my account has retired and I am thinking of switching over to Fidelity or USAA. I am a little freaked, because neither one has a face to face rep who manages (ie, put on a rebalancer). I dont know what to do and I would love some advice as I have NO IDEA where to begin and certainly dont want to lose money. Thank you so so much!!