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  1. 403(b) Choices

    http://www.lincolninvestment.com/ http://www.lincolninvestment.com/assets/pdfs/available_fund_families.pdf Advisor has been in practice for 29 years, the last 24 years at Legend Equities Corporation, Lincoln Investments. You are correct in that they are one in the same. I don't believe the school has the 457 option. I will talk to her tonight and have her ask. Thank you for the links about the 457. I will read those tonight.
  2. 403(b) Choices

    Here is what my wife forwarded to me: Here is list of investors: Legend AXA Voya *Legend approves who we do business with as they have the contract with the district. WOW! was all I could respond to her. I assumed there would be more options. So I went to Legend's website. They offer many options. Vanguard being one of them. I'm assuming that she would still have to deal with a rep which is going to charge a fee?
  3. 403(b) Choices

    Looks like we need to wait another day. She emailed the HR Clerk but she wasn't in today.
  4. 403(b) Choices

    Thank you both for the response. My wife teaches in NY. To my knowledge the list is not available online but she was going to stop in the office today to get the list. If so I will post it tonight. Part of the reason we were contemplating the advisor is because we have the following - Sep IRA (me), 403B (her), we both have Roths, three 529 plans for the kids & insurance policies. I'm in a family business that will someday be left to my sister and myself. It's not a wealthy industry but still not sure what planning we need to do for that. We've never looked at everything as a whole to see if our allocation was proper. We also wanted to attempt to set some sort of retirement date and calculate if we were setting enough aside to meet that date. All a bit overwhelming. Given that we are both 44, the sooner we "straighten out" our approach the better. The advisor is still up in the air. Lets start small and straighten out the 403b first.
  5. 403(b) Choices

    Hello everyone. We (my wife and I) are new to the forum. Thanks for doing this by the way. It's awesome to have a resource like this to help people who don't have a lot of knowledge. We started looking for info because after receiving her last quarterly statement we felt the fees were to high. She's bringing her vendor list home from school today so I don't have that yet. Here is a list of her current holdings along with their loads and expense ratios. I originally read here statement incorrectly. Turns out the one transaction ($87.06) is a Premier Fee renewal on a Lord Abbett Growth fund. Not sure what that is or how it's figured (a % of holdings)? The end of the statement had the advisor fee - 1.25%. She is currently with Lincoln Investments. We are also considering an appointment with a fee only advisor to evaluate our finances. Has anyone ever used one? Thoughts? We appreciate your time. Thank you.
  6. choosing a 403b plan

    krow, Thanks for the welcome. I can start a new thread. My apologies. :) Kevin
  7. choosing a 403b plan

    I'll post the holdings later. Have to head out right now.
  8. choosing a 403b plan

    This thread is awesome. My wife is a teacher and we have limited knowledge on investing. Just realized last month when she got her statement that it appears as though she's paying a little over 6% on front-end loads. We're going to pull out her list of options later tonight and see what else may be in there. We may be back with some questions!