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  1. JT1906

    Reputable 403B Houston Area

    As I continue to search for information regarding my school district and 403 B information. I came across this and wanted to provide the link. It is about a contribution matching based on attendance. https://www.alvinisd.net/cms/lib03/TX01001897/Centricity/Domain/266/Employee Incentive Pan - 401a.pdf
  2. JT1906

    Reputable 403B Houston Area

    EdLaFave and Krow36 I appreciate the time and effort in your responses. You two have extremely helped me out and I'm glad I stumbled upon this forum. I can't reiterate how grateful I am. Thank you.
  3. JT1906

    Fidelity....What do I do now

    Thank you, Tony noted. I'll look at the other threads.
  4. Greetings, it's JT. Based on what I have researched and the help of this website (You guys are awesome) I will be using Fidelity but now sure where to start. They seem to have a lot of different options. Based on my age 36 and when I plan to retire 66 I need to find the best option for me. Is it me or is there a lot of different options to choose from?
  5. JT1906

    Reputable 403B Houston Area

    Thank you so much EdLaFave!
  6. JT1906

    Reputable 403B Houston Area

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Yesterday a representative from National Life Group stopped by the school. I listened in on her presentation and she mentioned how her company is designed to help teachers and are backed by teachers across the country. Are you familiar with them? Also do I need to contact Fidelity Investments, I believe I read on here how they do not have advisers.
  7. JT1906

    Reputable 403B Houston Area

  8. JT1906

    Reputable 403B Houston Area

    Good evening, I'm looking for a company where I can invest my 403B. After reading the reviews about AXA I have realized that I may have jumped the gun too soon to invest with them. I am a first year teacher and began investing with AXA about a month ago. After reading the post on here about AXA I have realized I need to discontinue with them and look for another company to handle my retirement. Any suggestions?