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  1. mqkudy

    457 b pre-tax or roth?

    Thanks for getting back to me! 1. Single 2. 22% tax bracket - although within $2000 of the next tax bracket. 3. Still 22% tax bracket at retirement - much to my surprise after just checking. 4. I do not contribute to a Roth IRA right now. Thanks again so much!
  2. mqkudy

    457 b pre-tax or roth?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. My third party company at my school district recently changed. With that, came some positive changes for me. One is that I previously wasn't able to contribute to a 457. Now we have one. Not only that, but I can pick between the Roth or pre-tax. My vendor for the 457 b is Encompass. As far as my situation, I am almost 53. Have been teaching in CA for 25 years. I will retire in 6 1/2 years, 2025. I currently make $104,000. I also have a 403 b. I will continue contributing into that, and have Vanguard as an option which is awesome. My questions are: 1) Encompass? I can't find anything about them. Has anyone heard of them? How are the investment option, fees, etc. 2) With my new company, I can now pick either the pre tax or roth in both my 457 b and my 403 b. I am curious what everyone thinks would be best?