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  1. Which 403(B) Is Best?

    I'm currently investing in a 403(b) with LSW/ValuTeach. I'm wanting to surrender and take all of my money and go to another investment company. Right now, the agent who enrolled me in the account says that the account has no fees and is risk free. I started out investing $150 into this account monthly and then they met with me last year and said if I was investing more I'd have way more money by retirement (which I get so started investing $160). It is an SP Platinum plan. My statements read that the money is going into S&P 500 at 100%. I don't know exactly what my money is being invested in. I also don't know what "premium tax" means and why it doesn't list a number or at least says 'none/o.oo'. This account has been opened since Oct. 2014 and has about $6k in it as of now. I think I could do better with another investment company, but I'm concerned about the tax penalties....however, if I move now I could get through the penalties and make better investments with my money. Thanks for any help you can offer!