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Found 3 results

  1. Some good thoughts on diversification . Don't panic, I won't post a ton of articles anymore. just once and a while but you don't get financially literate by osmosis. You've got to read. Markowitz ultimately won a Nobel Prize for his work, and there’s no question it was brilliant. Today, however, there’s even more you can do to manage risk in your financial life. Here are five ideas to help you think more comprehensively about diversification: http://www.humbledollar.com/2018/01/five-ways-diversify/ http://www.humbledollar.com/2018/01/five-ways-diversify/
  2. Stop Thief !

    THE EQUIFAX DATA BREACH seems to be a tipping point, unleashing a barrage of articles—and a boatload of angst—about the security of personal information. What are the potential problems and what’s the best way to defend yourself? I got some great ideas from followers of my Facebook page, where I posted a draft of this article and asked for feedback. http://www.humbledollar.com/2017/09/stop-thief/
  3. EVERY YEAR, MANY SENIORS needlessly incur hefty penalties or overpay their taxes. The reason: They don’t understand the strict rules that govern removing money from their tax-deferred retirement accounts. http://www.humbledollar.com/2017/09/late-thatll-cost-50/