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Trump Win Yields Investing Advice

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One of the best things to do when confronted by a major surprise is to see what there is to be learned from the experience. I always try to identify what sorts of lessons can be gleaned from nonmarket events. You would be surprised at how often there are rules and insights to be had about investing.




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Thanks Tony,


Great article by our friend of a friend, the other Tony, Tony Isola.


I want to bring up Barry's first point:

Forecasters are terrible: I have written this too many times, but it bears repeating: Forecasters aren't very good at predicting the future. We have learned this about economists, market strategists and now political pollsters.


I don't make this stuff up. I am just a mere conduit and have a nitch for listening to the right people who know this stuff. I repeat in my emotional and irrational tone:

IGNORE the financial, political, economical or otherwise media big mouths. They make their living by scaring people and that's their right under our freedom of the press doctrine. But we don't have to listen. I repeat, have a plan, stay the course and IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE! I mean it because they are almost always wrong, and the one or two times they are right, it's too late for investors to act on it.


My 30% equity / 70% Bond allocation with everything in low-cost Vanguard worked for me through 2008-2009, the 2011 federal budget crisis, Brexit, elections, interests rates, oil prices dropping, and on and on. Have a PLAN and if you think you will have problems with your well-thought out plan during a bear market, you are probably taking on too much risk. I think most people do.


If you are under 35 years old, you will benefit if the market crashes and stays down for a couple of years (we older folks not so much).


Please don't believe the conspiracy theorists the same people who are building bunkers in the mountains. If armageddon happens, we are all doomed, but I have a secret, it ain't going to happen.


Have a great day,


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