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Agree with Ed. I have glanced at this thread and you have gotten excellent information. 

Just for your comfort, not that you need any but just in case, :- ), I offer a personal experience. I have owned VG Total Stock Market and the VG Total International Stock Market for 15 years. For bonds, I have owned VG total Bond market index, but the Intermediate-term bond is fine. 

The questions is what percent allocation how much you want in stocks and how much in bonds? I am 70 years old so my bond allocation is about 70% and stock allocation is 30%. I also had that allocation since I was in my late 50s.  For you, it should be the reverse or even more in stocks. 

The bogleheads.org forum (followers of Jack Bogle, Vanguard founder) has preached this 3 fund portfolio for almost 20 years. Here is a link the 3 fund portfolio: https://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Three-fund_portfolio 

Below is a list what my 30%/70% portfolio returns since 2007. 

Hope this helps,

Best of fortunes, 


Returns of my Portfolio ten years.JPG

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