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Who to start a Fidelity 403b

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I recently found out that my wife’s school district is looking into setting up a low cost 403b option. This is obviously great news!  Apparently the HR/payroll person at the school is having difficulty opening a dialogue with Fidelity. Can anyone give me specific information on how to get the ball rolling?  It’s probabaly talked about on the forum, but I didn’t find out anything doing  a quick search.  Thanks

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When I've called Fidelity I've had a hard time getting to people who are useful. I believe I called 1800-868-1023 and spoke to a woman named Holly who seemed to be somewhat helpful, but my memory is foggy at this point.

I had a better experience talking to the folks at Vanguard.

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Its a matter of getting the right person.

You need to speak to a retirement specialist at Fidelity. Make sure you get transferred over to them. Good luck getting Vanguard directly it can be a challenge. 

If Fidelity or Vanguard does not work out because of various 403b roadblocks, you might consider getting an aggregator like Aspire which allows you to self direct into any Fidelity or Vanguard fund you may want. Aspire has been an effective end around for many school systems and their administrative charges are minimal. 

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