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This Index Card Says It ALL

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oh and just to add, his company has a financial representative that represents his 401k and helps employees with their allocation. Those are the kind of investments his advisor has him in. Very sad but my bro was never one to listen to me.

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13 minutes ago, tony said:

So what is he investing in? Gold, precious metals, individual stocks (his company he works for) and some really aggressive mutuals. I with him luck.

Ah, I'm literally cringing over here. I wish him luck too.

On a tangentially related note, I love reading the Boglehead threads where the OP goes all in on a single stock, usually something flashy. It feels like half the people are pulling for the OP (I'm in that group) and the other half are cheering for abject failure. I think the last thread I read like that was from several years ago and the OP was going all in on Tesla. I suppose in hindsight, I am the dummy and they're set for life :)

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