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Los Angeles Teachers and LAUSD Employees

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Isn't "Shark Attack" GREAT! And written by the 2nd largest teachers union in the country. But they did not follow their good advice. I was on the committee that selected the next vendor and while I was supporting TIAA, TIAA was not ready in 2002 for the K12 world. I abhorred their selection, another insurance company, and I could not figure out why they went against their own advice from their Shark Attack article. 

In answering your question about how to better alert new teachers? Don't get me started. Yeah, that's the million dollar question. This website and over 30 newspaper publications and Morningstars and Bogleheads forums have all condemned the 403b with public K12 districts for 20 years, and as you said, not much as changed. The unions have been SILENT, the entire world outside of education knows how terrible the current 403b is and yet our teachers hardly complain and they still believe in "their guy." The unions will not talk to the press in those past newspaper articles (not a word from NEA of AFT to the NY times articles in 2016) and for good reason there is no reform--it's only a dozen or so of us who post on this board that are complaining.

And yet every time we organize a workshop in Los Angeles 50-70 show up! I cannot overestimate that those 50-70 LAUSD teachers get NO SUPPORT or discussion about how to properly use either the 403b or the newer 457b plans anywhere in California. Yet, they somehow hear about us and come on a Saturday morning to hear and learn about a subject that they get NOWHERE ELSE.

So I guess the best answer to your question is to meet teachers face to face. But it takes time and money to organize these workshops, and since we have a very low-cost plan, no TPA is going to organize similar workshops. 

I wrote a report of the latest workshop here: 


Have a great day, and keep thinking about what we can do to reach teachers. We need new ideas! 


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