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CalSTRS is annoying with their "Investments 101"

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Some of us have been asking CalSTRS (California Teachers Pension System) to simplify their "Investments 101" for the last two years, but they have not changed this feature one iota. But don't take my word, take a look for yourself: https://www.calstrs.com/investments-101  The appropriate topics are "Diversification, Stocks, Fixed Income, and asset class. 

Yeah, the first topic is ALPHA!!!! What! That's NOT 101.

Just like K12 districts and unions, it takes many of us to draw attention to a topic. Financial education is so important but CalSTRS chooses to try and impress us with their knowledge when they should be focused on our teachers' financial knowledge. 

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Full disclaimer, I didn't watch the clips.

Having said that, many of the listed topics aren't for beginners and even worse, lead investors down a road to bad decisions (alpha for instance).

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