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16 Year Teacher - Starting more aggressive retirement

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Ed, I was just taking the top recommendations from this thread and looking at them to see what the best option is.  To me, it seems Security Benefit is the best option and can't see myself why I wouldn't go that route.   I didn't realize that Admiral Shares were available with DirectInvest.  I thought that was a competetive advantage that Aspire had.... but it appears I was mistaken.

For now, I think Security Benefit Direct Invest will be the direction I go with the 403b, but I'd also like to setup a 457,  which I don't believe is available in DirectInvest.   


While I understand this is a 403b website, curious if there are any top 457 opinions, or a site like this specifically for 457s.




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It looks like Aspire is probably your best 457b vendor with PlanMember Direct coming in 2nd place. If you could get Fidelity added then they'd be the clear winner.

...you'll have to fact check me though because I haven't studied all of your plans. Think of my opinions as a great starting point.

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