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New teacher trying to find a 403b Provider

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I agree with Steve. The money is somewhere. You must go beyond HR.  Did they shut it down? When they do they are required to transfer all accounts to the plan’s participants I would think. Did you possibly get a check and accidentally discard it? When they can’t locate a participant, the firm can then send the money to  a state’s unclaimed property fund. While they must attempt to contact you, I wouldn’t rely on this to mean you will actually receive information about the plan closing.Call the vendor.If you think your old account may have been turned over to the state, which can happen  search the unclaimed database in the state you lived in when you worked for the specific employer. You should also search in the state where the plan’s administrator was located . If no-one helps you out and you can't get your money, I would contact an attorney depending on how much money we are talking about. Are others in the same boat or is this specific to you?

Are you sure they did not contact you about any changes to the plan?  A transfer ? consolidation? Did you possibly fail to fill out any requested paperwork concerning a change? Something doesn't make sense.  You certainly must have some documentation somewhere-perhaps even a paycheck stub or tax documents? 

I hope you are giving us all the  facts. I think this puzzle will be solved but in the future keep hard copy documentation of accounts going forward and write your account numbers down and keep them in a safe place.

I feel this topic is over my head and level of expertise but if nothing else works contact The Department  O f Labor in DC for help once you have exhausted all other avenues.


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I found this online maybe helpful?

Resources to help Find a Lost Retirement Account:

Labor Department, Employee Benefit Security Administrations Participant and Compliance Outreach

Askebsa.dol.gov  1-866-444-3272

Pension Counseling Projects


Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation

PBGC.gov 800-400-7242

You can also try MissingMoney.com a site which is sponsored by National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators which has information about programs in each state.

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So Mr Snow

I hope you are not going to just give up. Your accounts can be traced by social security number. I would make contact with some of the organizations above and see if they can help you.  I still think you can get your money back.

Try this:http://missingmoney.com

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Thanks but its just a possibility for him nothing for certain.

I am over my head on Mr Snow's issue  because I have never heard of that happening before but I do hope he will not give up. I am sure he can retrieve his money if it wasn't stolen. I hope someone with some concrete answers can step in and help him. Even if he does not return he used his e-mail I believed so we can forward the info to him possibly.I can't help but worry if this possibly some  kind of theft. Just read this story today in our local college paper:https://www.breezejmu.org/news/state/virginia-retirement-system-confirms-cases-of-identity-theft-investigation-underway/article_06c873a2-a673-5174-82be-ab64fdc533b7.html

I am doing lots of shredding these days  and locking my important papers.

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