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Another News Article on Public K12 nonERISA 403(b)s

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14 hours ago, MNGopher said:

Shared.  Thanks for the link.

This must be our primary job, to share these important but rare reports until enough teachers read them and start a buzz. I am told that Bloomberg or Forbes will be out with a report too. 

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It’s interesting that the CNBC article brings up the establishment of the Missouri based multi-district consortium that we discussed last winter.



From the CNBC article:

"The slates of vendors under the "old" model were less than thrilled when Hinders introduced the program.

"We ran into resistance from the beginning," he said. "It was a real shift in the paradigm of thinking the way things work in multivendor programs."

In order for the CSD Retirement Trust to take off, Hinders needed buy-in from school superintendents, human resources officials, and other administrators, as well as the teachers and other school personnel."


It would be interesting to know the extent of the resistance from the multiple vendors and from their national lobby organizations. 


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