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How To Find Your Inner Millionaire

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Some of you might find this book  a worthy read.  I just discovered it and although I haven't read it it looks interesting to me. The authors are a father-daughter team and they are fee only financial advisors. 


Video Interview With Authors


Here is the book on Amazon if you wish to view the table of contents and sample chapters


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Thanks Tony. Looks interesting. Frequently I enjoy the story behind the authors, and yes that means I spend a lot of time reading about the authors and their other work! It's the same with s. I used to make note of things I needed to look up/read up on post its. The space above my table got a tad fuller than I expected. 😊 I eventually started using virtual flash cards to maintain my hobby/interest. My friends make fun of my interest, but I think it has introduced me to a variety of interesting things in this world. It's amazing to see the variety of things people do to in life. Well, I'll read up about the father-daughter duo. 

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