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New Advocacy group's social media campaign

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On behalf of our ad-hoc advocacy group, I created a website, a twitter presence, a facebook page and a facebook group. They are called FIT403b. Our mission is to help public school teachers and employees make smart financial decisions. Please consider visiting the website FIT403b which serves as the landing page to direct traffic to 403bwise.

The facebook page is to bring our cause to teachers using social media, as is the Twitter account. They are both reasons for this 403bwise forum to join or revisit both social media sites. I have not been much of a social media user and my learning curve is large but I can't think of a better way to bring more awareness to teachers and public school employees. Please consider visiting us on Facebook and Twitter @FIT403b. 

Thank you all for all you have done, said and continue to do for me personally, and countless others.

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5 minutes ago, tony said:

Good job Moe.   I'm very impressed.  

Thanks Tony. (I wish there was a way to "like" replies here 🙂

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