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  1. I want to go. How do I get on the list?
  2. Awesome, Steve. You have now played a key role in two personal finance movements: 403(b) advocacy and the FIRE movement. Proud to know you. Teaser alert: Steve appears on our next pod which comes out tomorrow!
  3. Hey Pennsylvania K-12 Teachers: The Insurance Industry Just Made Your 403(b) Plans Worse Pennsylvania law requires multiple record keepers for 403(b), 457 plans (check out quote by spokesperson of PA Senator who sponsored this crazy legislation).
  4. Kelly, Welcome to the site and board. Are you able to share where you work? BTW: Many, many teachers wish they had access to Vanguard.
  5. Was just in Philadelphia presenting to teachers at Olney Charter High School. I told them they were lucky to live near Vanguard and unlucky not to have them as a 403(b) choice!
  6. Fascinating. Which of your two kids do you love most? πŸ˜€
  7. Thanks MoeMoney and Steve, I did go full Liverpool at back end but figured most would turn it off. Reds might argue there wasn't enough Liverpool! πŸ™‚
  8. New pod up http://teachandretirerich.libsyn.com/utla-talk-65 We discuss recent UTLA retirement plan workshop. There's also maybe a little bit of #YNWA #LiverpoolFC talk
  9. Hi Karen, Thank you for the kind words. We are really happy that our resources have been helpful. Please spread the word to your colleagues! krow36 is giving you some good advice. It's great that you have Vanguard available. It also seems that a good chunk of your SB money is no longer subject to a surrender charge. I would contact Vanguard about initiating a transfer. Explain the surrender charge situation. They should be able to provide guidance. Since they are potentially receiving the money, they should be more motivated to help than SB! πŸ™‚ Stay in touch and let us know how it goes. - Dan
  10. Great event. My presentation focused on the fact that despite having three solid vendors (CalSTRS Pension 2, TIAA-CREF and USAA), approximately 84% of LAUSD money goes to high fee vendors. Reaction was surprise, a bit of anger, but mostly: "I am going to be making changes." It was great to have Kevin Kirkpatrick of CalSTRS there to share info about 403bCompare, and Barbara Healy there to share information about LAUSD's terrific 457(b) plan. I also learned a lot about fraud issues from the SEC's Peter Kane. Thanks so much to all of the organizers! Special thanks to Leonard Goldberg and Sandy Keaton. - Dan
  11. I agree with krow26. Generally, your retirement takes precedence over children's college costs. The home equity line of credit may be a better way to go.
  12. Hi Megan, Welcome to the site and I apologize for my tardiness in getting you approved to post. Do you have a Roth IRA? If not, you could start with that at say Vanguard and then work to get better 403(b) choices. Here's a story comparing the 403(b) and the Roth IRA: https://403bwise.com/k12/content/23 Also, what state are you in? - Dan
  13. Scott and I had the privilege of attending (along with 403(b) warrior Nancy Bachety) and presenting at the Next Gen Personal Finance Changemaker Summit 2019 in San Fransisco this weekend. You can read about this amazing event here. So many highlights including Steve Schullo getting a shout out from the great Bill Bernstein. - Dan
  14. Hat's off to you as well, whyme. I am hoping this becomes a growing trend. I know NY Times digital subscriptions have been growing: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/08/business/media/new-york-times-earnings-subscriptions.html I still contend that of all of the 403(b) stories, no series meant more to the movement than Tara Siegel Bernard and Ron Lieber's work for the NY Times https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/23/your-money/403-b-retirement-plans-fees-teachers.html
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