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  1. Scott and I had the privilege of attending (along with 403(b) warrior Nancy Bachety) and presenting at the Next Gen Personal Finance Changemaker Summit 2019 in San Fransisco this weekend. You can read about this amazing event here. So many highlights including Steve Schullo getting a shout out from the great Bill Bernstein. - Dan
  2. Hat's off to you as well, whyme. I am hoping this becomes a growing trend. I know NY Times digital subscriptions have been growing: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/08/business/media/new-york-times-earnings-subscriptions.html I still contend that of all of the 403(b) stories, no series meant more to the movement than Tara Siegel Bernard and Ron Lieber's work for the NY Times https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/23/your-money/403-b-retirement-plans-fees-teachers.html
  3. Good to hear about LA Times subscription. Their new owner is pumping money into them. Several years ago I decided to subscribe to a wide variety of media. When you get the Sunday NY Times delivered like we do, you get access to online as well. - Dan
  4. An Unlikely Effect of Jack Bogle’s Creation: Helping to Keep Inflation Low by The New York Times Excerpts... In January alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found, overall portfolio management costs in the United States “plunged 5.2 percent,” Michael Feroli, the chief United States economist at J. P. Morgan, said in a note on Feb. 14. By December 2018, Vanguard accounted for 24.8 percent of all stock and bond mutual fund assets in the United States, according to Morningstar. And Vanguard and BlackRock together controlled more than 34 percent of those assets. The two companies continue to attract enormous sums of money around the world: $176 billion flowed into Vanguard last year; $167 billion went to BlackRock. Fidelity was a “distant third’ with $24 billion, Morningstar said. --- Note: I am a NY Times subscriber and we need great journalism more than ever. I hope you will support great journalism. - Dan Otter
  5. Thanks for posting Tricia C., and thanks to the community for their feedback.
  6. Great discussion. It was asked if this was a new article by Joel and it is. - Dan
  7. Tax Deferred Investing: The Unexpected Tax Trap Many assume taxes will be lower in retirement. This may not be the case when Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) kick in.
  8. Hey 403Learning, Glad site can be of use. We have a great discussion board community. Did you try checking his CFP credentials: https://www.cfp.net/utility/verify-an-individual-s-cfp-certification-and-background
  9. Hi and welcome to the board. You mentioned that this individual was a Certified Financial Planner. Can you confirm that was the case? Thanks. - Dan
  10. Hey Diosanny, Welcome to the board. Do you have a 457(b) option?
  11. It is with the utmost sadness that I share the news of the passing of John Bogle. I had the supreme honor to meet him several years ago. Dan Otter The genius of John Bogle in 9 quotes
  12. Universal Pictures has delivered a third (!) "Grinch" flick that I am not sure anyone asked for. Meanwhile, public school teachers continue to be subjected to horrific 403(b) plans. Sadly, one of our oldest stories continues to be one our most relevant. The 403(b) Grinch Continues to Steal the 403(b).
  13. Plus healthcare access, uncertainty, and cost.
  14. Heard this was coming. Great to see it indeed did! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Great story by Ron Leiber and great work by MoeMoney!
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