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  1. 403b Explainer Video by 403bwise.org Can be used to educate about the 403(b) and advocate for better investment choices. - Dan
  2. Welcome Lorirae, Thanks for joining the board. The good news is that you have Aspire which will give you access to Vanguard for a small fee and you have Fidelity Investments which offers direct access to very low costs. You are most likely paying about 1% in fees. Via Fidelity you can get their Freedom Fund 2050 fund (index fund version) for 0.12% https://fundresearch.fidelity.com/mutual-funds/summary/315793869 Do you feel like you are getting good service for 0.78%. Here's a chart showing impact of fees on returns: https://403bwise.org/education#fee-impact Keep the questions coming. We also have the 403bwise.org Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/349968819000560/?ref=web_social_plugin Dan
  3. Rick - When you register in the Facebook Group mention that you are a spouse helping your wife. Also answer the 3 questions for her as well. Email me at dan@403bwise.org if you have any questions. - Dan
  4. Welcome, Costantino, Yes, this looks very overwhelming. It looks like you have Target Date Mutual Funds available (under Asset Allocation). This can be a pretty simple, straightforward way to invest. Here's an investing primer which includes mention of target date funds: https://403bwise.org/education/investment
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    So Many choices

    Welcome KingCabrera, Great feedback everyone. Thanks! - Dan
  6. Such great interaction here. Thanks everyone for assisting. And Paige, thanks for being such a great advocate for yourself. - Dan
  7. Office hours with Dan & Scott: Ask us your 403(b) questions via Zoom on 10/2 from 4-5PM Pacific. Limited to first 10 who sign up. https://403bwise.org/events/details/event-office-hours
  8. It is as conflicted as you would expect: 403(b) Plan "Enhancement" Guide
  9. How to Access Your 403(b) Scott goes deep on how to access a 403(b)... 02:00 Accessing after age 59.5 09:54 Accessing before age 59.5 but after age 55 15:18 Accessing before age 50 a.k.a. S.E.P.P. 72(t) Withdrawal 19:20 Borrowing from a 403(b) 26:03 Disability 27:43 Divorce 33:40 Death
  10. Excited to part of this! Thanks for sharing, Steve.
  11. Welcome Ottakee, and thank you to all of the great posts from everyone. MN Gopher - Do you have a link to that chart?
  12. Great suggestions here. I echo Tony's sentiments about starting a Roth IRA with Vanguard. They can help with everything including the transfer process. Excellent info on the 457. These plans are often lower cost because their is more employee oversight required. Also, I am doing a free webinar Get Wise to the 403(b) on the 403(b) on Wednesday, September 11 from 7-8PM EST that you might want to sit in on. Let us know how it goes! - Dan
  13. Hi again, Paige, Do you have a Roth IRA? If not that may be your best option as you can open it with any company you choose (Fidelity, Vanguard etc.). Here's a link to more info: https://403bwise.org/education/other (scroll to the bottom). - Dan
  14. Welcome, Paige. Do not be too hard on yourself. You didn't know what you didn't know. We are here to help. You have already received some good advice. I will echo Tony's comments and encourage you to see what other 403(b) choices you have. - Dan
  15. There is still a Fishy Smell in the Teacher's Lounge AXA Got Invited to New Teacher Orientation for San Francisco Unified School District (scroll down to just left of Agenda). This is how one of our profiled teachers, Annie, got tangled up with AXA.
  16. likepurplereign, Welcome to the board. It's my understanding that DCPS teachers have a pretty good 457(b).
  17. I have yet to see a California vendor list that doesn't include Pension 2.
  18. Love having you join us, Steve. Tim reports that our talk was very well received. - Dan
  19. I too have very mixed feelings about Facebook. In fact I just watched this: The Great Hack and found it chilling. I will say that FB Groups seems to be the best way to utilize this platform. I echo Steve's point: we have much more action on the FB Group page that on the DB. - Dan
  20. Tony, This has to be the best topic title yet! (or worst 😀). About to push out a BWISE ALERT and will be sharing this story.
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    Welcome, NYAdmin. Thank you community for your input!
  22. California Teachers Have Great K-12 403(b) Choices. They Just Don't Know It.
  23. Scott and I talked 403(b) this morning with a wonderful group of teachers attending a Next Gen Personal Finance FinCamp in Garden Grove, CA. We were lucky to have Steve Schullo in audience.
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