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  1. I have yet to see a California vendor list that doesn't include Pension 2.
  2. Love having you join us, Steve. Tim reports that our talk was very well received. - Dan
  3. I too have very mixed feelings about Facebook. In fact I just watched this: The Great Hack and found it chilling. I will say that FB Groups seems to be the best way to utilize this platform. I echo Steve's point: we have much more action on the FB Group page that on the DB. - Dan
  4. Tony, This has to be the best topic title yet! (or worst ๐Ÿ˜€). About to push out a BWISE ALERT and will be sharing this story.
  5. Admin


    Welcome, NYAdmin. Thank you community for your input!
  6. California Teachers Have Great K-12 403(b) Choices. They Just Don't Know It.
  7. Scott and I talked 403(b) this morning with a wonderful group of teachers attending a Next Gen Personal Finance FinCamp in Garden Grove, CA. We were lucky to have Steve Schullo in audience.
  8. Update on the Directory: Due to our new non profit status we will no longer be able to support the Fiduciary Advisor Directory. However, one of the members of the Directory is exploring ways to continue it. Stay tuned. We think this was and can be a fantastic resource for participants. - Dan
  9. Hey all, We are trying to get an active Facebook Group going and would love your participation! Please check out the Teach and Retire Rich Facebook Group. - Dan
  10. I agree, Steve. Thanks for your efforts! The Facebook Group is really growing. My latest blog post More Adventures in Bad K-12 403(b) Policy as Texas Tells Pennsylvania: โ€œHold My Beerโ€ got a lot of traction yesterday. And I think The Wall Street Journal stories will really help spread the message. - Dan p.s. Steve, what do you think of our new tagline? The K-12 403(b) is broken. Together we can fix it.
  11. Chris - Thanks for joining. Good suggestion about starting a Roth IRA. As I mentioned above we will post a useable PowerPoint soon. - Dan
  12. Welcome MWTW. So glad you found us. Let us know how we can help you. If you are OK with Facebook (and I haven't always been) we have a "Teach and Retire Rich" Facebook Group. I am also hosting an "Introduction to the 403(b)" video conference on Saturday, August 17th. Space is limited to 20. We are close to releasing an education and advocacy PowerPoint that you can use with your colleagues. We will announce this through our BWISE ALERT and will post in the Advocacy section. Also, we would love to feature you in our Teacher Stories section ๐Ÿ˜€ Dan
  13. Just fixed this. Thank you, Michael!
  14. Thanks, Michael! Are you referring to link from archive? Thanks.
  15. Good question, Chris. It seems so. You might want to reach out to this Texas attorney, G. Wade Caldwell. He is an awesome guy and is on the side of 403(b) consumers. - Dan
  16. More Adventures in Bad K-12 403(b) Policy as Texas Tells Pennsylvania: "Hold My Beer."
  17. Most higher ed institutions are light years ahead of the K-12 403(b). This is because those 403(b) plans fall under ERISA https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/retirement/erisa.
  18. 403bwise Archive Wise Cracks Archive
  19. Montgomery County Public Schools outside of Washington, D.C., and a school district I used to teach in, moved to a single vendor (Fidelity Investments) after a competitive bidding process.
  20. Yikes! More roadblocks. Another reason to not even start with this company. Thanks for sharing this.
  21. Thanks, NMGopher. Thanks for being part of this community! As you may have seen we also have a new Facebook Group in case you are interested. - Dan
  22. We are re-.ORG-anizing!
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