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  1. Thank you, Roberta! I will check on this. Do you or anyone have an opinion on the ING product? Or is it fairly new? Thanks! LIsa
  2. Hi All, Thank you, ScottyD for your response! From the notes that I have about this the putting in and taking out of money is a possible distribution or rollover feature. Our client seemed to think that this product would enable a participant to put money into their 403(b), and then withdraw it without penalty. I am wondering if this might refer to the 90-24, though I am concerned that participants may not realize this is essentially an account transfer. Or it is a misinterpretation of the information provided. In the case of a participant being able to contribute to both a 403(b) and 457, other than hardship, is there ever a provision for withdrawal? I hope this helps clarify a bit! Thank you so very much for your help! Lisa
  3. Good Morning, I just found this board and am delighted that it exists! Both of my parents are college professors and I have been their erzatz advisor for years. I am currently employed by a financial advisor who works closely with teachers and administrators and we recently heard of a 403(b) plan that allows a participant to contribute funds one day and withdraw the next. It sounded like a combination of a 403(b) with a 457, but I can't find any information about this. Apparently ING is sniffing around some schools in our area with this product and one of our clients (an administrator) called to ask if we had heard of such a thing. Has anyone heard about this type of product? Or is it sales hype? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you, LN
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