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  1. Hi, I am desperate for an answer here. I work for a state nursing home, and am a state employee in New Mexico. I am on the public 457-B retirement plan. My question is , does this qualify me for the IRS saver's credit on my tax return? I am trying to efile my taxes on H & R Block, and it leads me to believe I may be eligible, but I don't know if this qualifies. I did online help with an H & R block person last night, who could not give me an answer as to why when I go to the W-2 section of their efile program, I enter the box 12 info code which is G, and the amount is .oo. The program insists there must be an amount, cannot be zero, and won't let me continue. This H & R help person could not answer my question. I have an amount in box 14 of over $1500 and an amount also for POP of over $1800. I cannot get any answers on this. Does anyone know if I qualify for this credit or not? Please answer quickly so I can finish my efile. H & R is no help.
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