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  1. I'd go with the Roth first, and add any leftovers to the 457. I've been in my 457 over 20 years, and looking back, wish I had done it with a Roth first, then the 457. Richard.
  2. After looking back on 20 some years in my 457 at work, I have this question. Would a new hire, with the opportunity to invest in the 457, be just better off in first fully fund a Roth IRA? After all, there's no matching deposits, a limited selection of funds available, and finally after a lifetime of investing, taking money out of it is taxed at the regular rates of earned income, eventhough over half of it there is due to capital gains & dividends. However, as you know, with the Roth IRA, you have the choice of thousands of funds, and when you take it out at retirement, there's no taxes. Yes, there is the tax bight on the front end. So I think, having to do it all over again, I'd be better off with the fully investing in the Roth, then adding any leftovers into the 457. What do you think?
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