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  1. joe32077

    Admin Costs

    In need of an administrator to help lay out the costs for a start up 457 plan. I understand a Plan Document is needed so that will be one expense. As for ongoing, 457 plans are not subject to ERISA testing indicating, I assume, little annual admin costs. Please advise Joe
  2. joe32077

    457(b) Providers

    I would recommend Lincoln Financial as an option for a 457(b) provider. The Lincoln Director program is intedend for 401k, Profit Sharing, and 457 governmental plans. The costs at Lincoln are extremely competitive and more often than not average .30 - .40% less than the other providers. The investment platform is a multi manager approach with everybody from American Funds, Fidelity, Blackrock, Delaware, Alliance Bernstein, and others. The Director also has a great investment advice provider, 401k Toolbox, that was named Advice Provider of the Year in 2004. I can be reached at janthony@rms401k.com for further questions or information.
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