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  1. Is this of any help? https://www.irs.gov/retirement-plans/403b-plan-fix-it-guide-an-employee-making-a-15-years-of-service-catch-up-contribution-doesnt-have-the-required-15-years-of-full-time-service-with-the-same-employer
  2. I remember him and reading his writings. In some ways he was Bogle like. R.I.P. Excerpt: When it came to individual investors, for example, Swensen was a harsh critic of how the vast majority of big actively managed mutual funds offer lower returns than simple lower-cost index funds, after fees are factored in. And the mutual funds make huge amounts of money whether the fund performs well or not. Excerpt: Swensen also wrote a book, Unconventional Success, telling everyday people how to invest and avoid pitfalls like excessive fees charged by mutual funds. https://www.boisestatepublicradio.org/2021-05-08/david-swensen-the-greatest-investor-you-maybe-never-heard-of-leaves-powerful-legacy
  3. It’s a question many a personal finance educator has asked: What’s the best way to engage my students’ parents in the financial knowledge I’m teaching? Read The Full Article: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/06/teachers-strive-to-bring-more-parents-into-personal-finance-education-.html
  4. Two dozen state legislatures are considering bills on financial literacy education, an unusually high number, proponents say.They attribute the interest to concern about the burden of student debt, as well as heightened awareness about income and economic inequality as a result of the pandemic. Read the full article here https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/02/your-money/financial-literacy-courses.html
  5. I don't mean to be harsh but I think the administrators of this board don't much care about it anymore. You never hear from them anymore much. Even some other posters here keep beating the facebook drum. I don't have a problem with promoting Facebook if it's attracting more teachers. After all the ultimate goal should be to expose the harm insurance companies are doing to teacher savings . Still there should be some linkage to this board . Does this board ever get promoted on the facebook group ? One thing I have noticed over the years is younger folks whom I call the" texting generation " have very short attention spans and the facebook format suits their short attention spans. People like me that write too much and can't cut their comments short are not their style. My son is an example. He wants quick answers often without the in depth details. I know a good number of people do still come to this board if you look at some of the views our posts get. Perhaps we are too intimidating here and folks don't feel like commenting. I mean seriously who knows more than Krow or Ed or Steve or Whyme and others? Nobody can track down answers to questions with such specifics as Krow can. Perhaps some of us out of the school mainstream just aren't important anymore as younger folks would rather hear from their comtemporaries. Oh well life goes on Tony
  6. Wow how did you get this before I even posted it. Thats kinda strange.
  7. I applaud Ed for really pushing and evaluating NEA DirectInvest. I would never had known it existed and wouldn't have known how good it was if it wasn't Ed beating the drum. Glad to see you back commenting Ed. I bring up Aspire a lot because I invested in it and am familiar with it. At that time it was a pretty good addition and helped us break the monopoly like control of insurance companies. It was a step in the right direction. As long as they make the self direct option available to all its a=still a decent option. But this relationship with Edward Jones is not good.
  8. Steve, Your Total Stock Market fund 6.54% YTD is up 64% for the year. Unheard of. Amazing. I will have to figure out my returns and report back. Unfortunately I lost my Morningstar YTD tracker module. Went to check my return and it was gone.
  9. Deb 19 I remember you!! Thanks for commenting !!!
  10. Truth be told this board is in danger of being eliminated I fear. It's not being utilized enough anymore. No new posts (not much). Supposedly all the action has been taken over by the facebook page. But this board serves a very important purpose giving in depth explanations and heated discussions on important topics related to our 403b /457b plans and all the corruption going on in the in 403b universe. I wish we could reignite this board to what it use to be before it's too late. It was never really on fire but now all we have is smoldering ashes.We have some great minds here and they are going to waste. Please if you are a lurker please start posting opinions and comments and questions. We need to light the flame and get this board back to what it use to be. Don't tell me Facebook is the future when Bogleheads forum is constantly on fire with new posts. Please encourage Facebook posters to post here as well. Damn it !! this board taught me a lot and I think it can still be a valuable tool. We can't let it die. Please contribute. Let's make May the 403bwise discussion board month by posting as much as we possibly can (on topic of course). Don't mean to sound so melodramatic but don't want this board to die. Tony
  11. I've had lots of 403b transfers over the years and not once was the medallion required. I do remember seeing it on An American Funds transfer request sheet but I never had to get the guarantee. I'm glad I finally have all my money in one place now. Getting money out of past 403b plans always was a pain in the rear. But that's what you have to do in a 403b as better options come available. Totally out of all 403b's now and glad!! But you do learn a lot dealing with the 403b disfunction. I've been through it all!!
  12. Well, either way I would think someone in either company would tell her /know the answer if she asked. But I didn't really know just a guess . Never had to go that route. But I get it , the company transferring your money out wants verification that you are who you say you are. It confirms that the signature authorizing the transfer is genuine . But I would think both companies would want that info.
  13. Sorry no one has stepped in to help sooner . You probably have your answer by now. I would imagine this is a question you could ask the company you are transferring to. Tony
  14. I think Vanguard will get it right. Sounds like a box marked inherited 403b or inherited IRA was not checked or it was missed.They can retrace their steps and see where the error was made. I have faith they will come through for you. Try and stay connected to the same contact person by name and ask for that person when you call for updates. Sometime too many people get involved and that causes additional confusion because you have to re-explain the situation. I never used to get the same person twice when I use to call. Some reps seem more knowledgeable than others . You just have to get the right person. If you don't get a resolution I would write the Vanguard CEO a certified letter explaining your situation and CC ing a copy to the IRS. Yes they actually are separate and sometimes that's the problem. Vanguard lets another organization handle their 403b accounts and my past experience with the 403b unit was not positive. But in all fairness that was in the early days of the change. Have Faith. it can and will be corrected. Unfortunately you may have to pull a few hairs out while you wait in frustration. Let us know how this resolves itself. Regards Tony
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