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  1. Funny you mention that. My elderly father in law (Eighties) got a call from one of his " Nephews" begging him to send him $10,000 bail money. He was claiming he was in jail in Florida while on vacation. Luckily he called my wife first because he said he didn't recall having a nephew named Bobby. Years ago my mother in law was stopped from her gardening by a man in a truck who offered to plant" knockout roses" all over her property for only $45,000.00. What a deal. She actually went in to write the check but her husband stopped her. It's so sad to see this. When i was younger I only thought this stuff happened on TV. Now it's a reality show!!
  2. If you think this stuff only happens to others, think again I've had my facebook account broken into twice pre -pandemic. I've also had someone buy a boat off my master card in Isreal during the pandemic and during the early pandemic someone kept charging teen V I D E O S on my Amazon account. I had to shut those accounts down and open new ones I also finally got rid of my landline. Tired of the constant scam calls from the IRS and others. I'm paranoid for sure. I've got every safety protocol going on all my accounts now.
  3. O.K so this is a bit off topic. Still ,we try to prevent people here from getting taken advantage of. I've already witnessed this happening among acquaintances so its good info to be aware of. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/06/health/covid-vaccination-card.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  4. However, my HR directed me to a third party that they are using, Plan Connect. KEC Things are so stupidly complex in 403bland that yours or anybody's questions are not always easy to answer with 100% accuracy. I think(don't know for sure) that you don't need to go through the third party. Stay away from HR too. They usually don't know squat about investments.Get the paperwork directly from Lincoln investments. Call them. Tell them your district and confidently tell them you want to self direct account and want the paperwork sent directly to YOU. No advisors. Fill it out, pick the funds you want-hopefully Vanguard/Fidelity index funds and send it back. The account should open. That's what self direct means, "stay the hell away from me , I can do this on my own" Give this a try. That's What I did when i had a self directed account with Aspire. They( School Officials) kept referring me to people , usually salespeople upping my cost. i called ASPIRE directly at their main office and they told me straight away that all I had to do was pick the funds I wanted on the form and right self direct on the application. IT WORKED!! No more runarounds. I feel confident this may be the way around for you too. You see, more often than not these folks won't recommend what's best for you. They are looking after themselves and they know when it's more money for you it's less for them. You have to beat the system, honestly but aggressively.
  5. If she can't state 457 and in some states teachers are excluded, maybe you/she needs to start advocating for additional choices. I was successful in getting some good choices added when I was working and others have done so successfully as well. If you are willing to put in the effort you can do yourselves and current/ future teachers a great service by asking for better options. Aspire is an easy one to add and with its self directed account you can get into Vanguard funds relatively cheaply. Fidelity or Vanguard directly would be amazing but adding them might present greater challenges. A good place to start is with your school personal director and or business manager. If they show little understanding you might contact a school board member and ask them to consider it. If you are polite and knowledgeable in your request, they might see it as an opportunity to add value to teaching. It worked for me. Also don't forget to post the AIG plan your wife is under so we can dissect it and see if their is a way around those high fees.
  6. Name changes are good , you can start anew and forget your past. Others will forget you too. You'll sound fresh and new while still offering the same crappy products. The 403b land is the wild wild west .There is always a new town to fool.
  7. If this is the correct page these are the investments offered. I like the life path funds and the Vanguard funds but Vanguard Total Stock market Index is strangely missing from the mix. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The fees seem very good though. Perhaps they offer a self direct option which allows to tap into it. I didn't look too deeply out of late night laziness. https://www.ohio457.org/investments
  8. If teachers qualify for it, that gives VMK a second great option and perhaps a few more fund choices than what NEA might offer!! However the school district must be willing to add it. NEA direct invest's fees are very hard to beat but it's true that its Vanguard choices are limited.Limited but more than adequate to get the diversification needed. If Ohio's 457b plan is anything like Virginia's it might definitely be worth looking at.
  9. I knew they were one and the same now but why is Valic Financial Advisors still showing up on local provider lists . Is that to service older accounts ? Or is that a new group capitalizing on an old brand name. Also I wonder if AIG incorporated some of Valics non annuity platforms. We certainly need this gentleman to return and gives us more information.
  10. That's very sad actually only one vendor and a not so good one. A sad monopoly. A .68 expense ratio isn't so bad considering they and like minded companies usually fleece you for so much more under these plans. I'm all for limiting choices when choices are decent and fair but you wife is getting the shaft. Most school systems have more variety even if they are only sub par ones. This situation leaves your wife with very limited options and is unfair. Might your wife have access to a state 457b plan that teachers can participate in? What state are you in? If it exists with minimal paperwork you can probably get it on your wife's vendor list. We can guide you. Might you have access to Valic? Valic is a subsidiary of AIG and does offer some brokerage options and somewhat lower mutual fund platforms if they are available to you. Does AIG offer a self directed/brokerage option in her district? That might be an escape hatch. I get a feeling you may need to contact her business manager and if you don't get any satisfaction because of their financial ignorance than contact a school board member and ask for better choices. One easy add on would be Aspire. You can use them to self direct into Vanguard Funds. Hope I'm giving some direction. You do not need your wife in any annuity. If nothing else happens invest directly in an IRA with Vanguard index funds or Fidelity Index funds and in taxable accounts but under no circumstance give in to the annuity BS. Tony
  11. I agree TIAA might be a better than the rest choice. HOWEVER, take a look at Voya to see if they might offer a self directed account which allows you to tap into Vanguard. Do the same with AIG. You will need to check what plan Voya/AIG offers your institution to see if that option is possible. It might b and if it is you can get Vanguard. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I remember them having a reasonable option in some plans. If they don't than TIAA is your only choice. Stay away from annuities. You might repost this separately from this thread as you might get better responses.
  12. VMK You have a way around the roadblocks. NEA Direct Invest. https://www.nearetirementprogram.com/nea-directinvest If you have Security Benefit you qualify. The forms are on the link. Fill it out and send it in and open the account. Pick from the Vanguard Funds offered. Once your account is opened, you can initiate a transfer over from American Fidelity. You will probably have to fill out transfer forms . If you type in NEA direct invest in the search box on this forum, you will learn all you need to know. Just remember , this is a self directed account so you will not get salesperson/advisor assistance nor should you deal with a Security Benefit advisor because they may steer you towards a high commisioned product. Do everything on your own. We can help w/ questions along the way. So go get started!! You will want to pick Vanguard Total Stock Market Index, Vanguard Total international, and Vanguard intermediate Bond fund. The fees are very very low. And that's why it s so well hidden. There is no incentive for them to promote it.
  13. zkrw It's definitely hit or miss. I'm just glad I figured out the difference between the two Lincolns. Lincoln Financial and Lincoln Investments. Why would two investment companies want to share the same name and cause confusion and possibly give away their business to a similar sounding company.
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