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  1. He gets both. We both do. Between the 2 of us this year we had 4 1099s and 5 W-2s. It is a withholding nightmare.
  2. What stinks for us is that my husband does not have a full-time job anywhere. He has a PhD in History and would love to work full-time at a university, but the market is just terrible. Right now he adjuncts at 4-5 schools depending on the semester, but is not entitled to benfits anywhere. So we both currently max out a Roth but I know that is not enough. I have been talking with someone from our union and the district does not want to offer any more choices--he told me that the last time they tried to add any new providers the district said they would have to get rid of one to keep the options at 4, which would upset the people who used the company that was axed. I am still going to keep pushing, but I am not optimistic. Ideally I would rather lower our tax liablity by paying into a retirement plan than just uppping the amount withheld, but I don't want to waste money in the long run.
  3. So with my current options you could advise to not invest with any of them? I talked with our NEA and I was told that the benefits committee had little to no interest in adding more vendors. I have pushed for more information on that. Is there a way to have non-employee sponsored retirements plans be tax deferred? I did not think there was. My husband is an adjunct professor at many schools and because of that our total tax withholdings are always off, and this year we owe a lot of money. I would like to try and avoid that in the future by saving some pre-tax dollars. Lincoln does not seem to offer many funds to choose from, and I think only one is an index fund. But I would be able to pick my own from their list, which might be a way to avoid some of the higher fees funds. Is that a bad idea? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I have been reading through old posts on here for about a week--you guys are smart! I am in my 5th year of teaching and I would like to set up a retirement account with tax benefits on this end. I am 29 and I am currently fully funding a Roth IRA. I should be able to do that for at least the next 8 years, and hopefully much longer. I also paying into my pension fund of course, and Social Security. I should also say that I have purchased Mr. Otter's book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. My husband and I are probably going to move our Roths over to Vanguard. They are currently with Thrivent (on the advice of my father in law, which I'm not sure was good) My district only offers 4 companies with which to work. I have requested information from all 4, but have actually only received any from one. My options are: Lincoln Financial Group (403b and 457) MetLife VALIC Security Benefit I was able to contact the Lincoln rep, and according to her, their fees are on the low end. This is from an email she sent--"The Lincoln Alliance® program is mutual fund based and offers a number of features for clients including: No sales charges (commissions), no annual account fees, no set-up fees, no administrative fees, and no surrender charges. Investment manager expense ratios vary based on the mutual funds selected (see far right column of performance attachment). Retirement plan assets accumulate tax-deferred. Allows control over assets with the stable value account (earns minimum of 3% interest), bond fund, and various stock mutual fund options. Can be used to consolidate contributions from other retirement plans into one place. Allows rollovers to a new employer’s plan or IRA without penalty." She also said that the weighted expense ratio for the aggressive model (which I assume I should use) is .922%. The moderate one was .66%. Does anyone have any experience or warnings for any of these companies? I don't want to make a poor choice, but I feel like I don't have many choices. I know many of you advise people with few choices to push the district to add more, but I doubt mine would. The relationship between teachers and "the man" is very adversarial. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me! I appreciate it!
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