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  1. Was just about to pull the trigger on a Roth IRA with Vanguard when I saw this post. I was on the TIAA website and couldn't find much info on their fees. Was only there for 10 min, though. Anyone know off hand how they compare to Vanguard? I dumped my AXA 403b and have been looking for something new. If this will be available in NJ I may have to give them a s. Also want to do the SACT thing next time there is a contribution period.
  2. roybrown

    The Perfect Ira

    I live in NJ and stopped contributing to my insurance company 403b due to the info on this website. Was about to start a Vanguard Roth IRA, but this SACT sounds interesting. The Vanguard fees seem very small, but this one has no fees at all? One thing I don't like about it is that the money is not actually in my name. If I contribute 10k over 2-3 years and then die, does my family still get all the money I put in? I guess I have to do more research on the SACT.
  3. My wife and I have found that a "financial advisor" is just someone who is trying to sell us some type of financial product. Still looking for someone to give advice without getting a cut/commission. Are we looking in the right places? We are prepared to pay $$$.
  4. Thanks for the information everyone, very helpful as usual. I didn't realize that she couldn't do two 401k's at the same time, so what about this: She rolls the Vanguard into her current 401k with t. rowe price and continues her normal 6% with the 1.5% match by employer. She is also contributing $200 a month to a roth IRA with fidelity, although that won't last too many years since we will go over the income limit. I will totally stop my 403B nonsense and call Vanguard to start a traditional IRA with that money. I think I will lose the tax deduction of about $4500 a year, but it should still be better than the high fees. Any glaring mistakes? My one other problem is the 23k I have sitting in the TSA. They said it can only be transferred to another 403B account. It will cost me $800 penalty to move it, plus the 5.75%, about $1300, if I want to move it to an account with mutual funds. An "advisor" told me I would be able to make that money up pretty quickly. Any thoughts on that?
  5. I am a bit closer to figuring this retirement stuff out, but need a bit more advice. I am currently putting about $400 a month in a TSA. There are fees in the subaccounts and they take 1.34% off of everything annually. Plus no mutual funds. So I definitely want to stop contributing to that. My best option within the 403B world is a company with mutual funds, but they take 5.75% on the way in. Don't like the sound of that either. I'm thinking I should avoid contributing to a 403B totally. My wife has an account with Vanguard from an old job of hers with about 8000 or so in it. Can she start contributing my 400 a month to that account? I'm reading that they have very low fees but you have to manage it yourself. How tricky is that? She also has a 401k with her current job at t.rowe price with a 1.5% match. And she does $200 a month towards a Roth IRA. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Roy
  6. The more I speak to "advisors", the more I find that they are only doing what is best for them. One totally contradicts the other when trying to get my business. So frustrating.
  7. Hello Joel, Met with a rep from one of the companies that works in the district. He obviously wants my business and suggested/told me to take my money out of the company that has the TSA and transfer to his group which can do mutual funds. It will cost me 2k to do that, though. Also met with an independent guy who said stop contributing and instead open a Roth IRA. The money already in the 403B should be transferred to one of the mutual fund companies. Said I would make back the 2k pretty quickly. Anyone know if that is true? I want to look more into the SACT thing before I do anything. Just heard of it from this board a few days ago. Don't like having 5.75% of my money being taken right from the start.
  8. So would the SACT be better than the TSA I have now? I was told to transfer to a 403B that was not a TSA. Problem is that I would take an $800 surrender from my current place and the new ones charge 5.75% on the way in, another $1200-1300. Also, my district only lists 7 options and that was not on there. Thanks.
  9. Wait, I don't get it. I can use a state plan here in Jersey and avoid the garbage that is offered in my district? This stuff is so frustrating.
  10. Found out that my wife has a 6% match and she maxes that out, so that is nice. Got the list of providers for my district. A few of them seem to be similar to AXA. Anyway, here it is: Axa Equitable Metlife Oppenheimer Funds First Investors Great American Life Insurance Security Benefit Life Insurance Valic That was it. Thought there would be more. The only ones I have had contact with in the last year or two are AXA, Valic, and First Investors.
  11. Thanks for helping out with the replies. I have been trying to find the answers to some of the questions, but hard to find the time. Here we go: 1. I think I am paying 1+ percent a year with AXA, need to email them 2. Am doing $450 a month ###### 10 right now, do a little more each year 3. I think this is what you mean by different funds: Guaranteed Interest Account 35% EQ/Com Stck Index 15% EQ/Equity 500 Index 10% EQ/Global Multi-Sector Equity 10% Multimanager Mid Cap Value 15% EQ/GAMCO Small Company Value 15% 4. No employer match. Am in the process of getting the list. I know First Investors is an option. They are the people that sent me to this website. 5. No 457, just a 403B 6. I am married, wife has a 401k and I think they may match up to 3%. Once again, thank you so much for the help. I want to take my time and get this right now. Don't want to have to come back to it when I will be losing big money. I'm still in my 30's so I have plenty of saving to do still.
  12. New to this website, it is terrific. Read the faq's and a bunch of the articles. I currently have a TSA with AXA. I am 99% sure that I should transfer my money out of AXA after reading this site. Anyone out there want to confirm or tell me where I am going wrong? Thanks. PS Not going to be retiring for at least 20+ years.
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