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  1. Thank you Mark and Steve! Do I need to speak to someone directly at TIAA-CREF, or can I manage my own account through their website?
  2. Hi all, First off, I’ve been perusing this forum for several months, and passed on the website to a few young teachers that I work with. I hope it saves them so they don’t go down the path that most teachers, including myself, seem to go down when it comes to investing. A little about my investing history: I began contributing to my 403b @ 23, I’m currently 35. My original contributions began with a company called Conseco (AKA- an insurance company masquerading as a great place for a young, naive teacher to invest their money!) I invested blindly in this company for quite a few years until I realized how horrible annuities were- and just wanted out. I transferred what I could (avoiding surrender fees) into The Legend Group just to get into some mutual funds. I realize now that this was also a mistake because I didn’t do any research and my “advisor” certainly wasn’t doing anything for me other than lining her own pockets. I’m 35 now and after 12 years of steady (and stupid) investing, I’m finally determined to get smart about my money. I’ve recently been reading a lot about investing, trying to get up to snuff. I realize now that my current funds with the Legend Group, which I thought were safe and well-managed, are eating me alive with high front load fees and high expenses. I’ve recently talked to my Legend Group Advisor who says that they are unable to offer me any funds with cheaper figures. Go figure. …Duped again. Through it all, I’ve become wiser (403bwiser) and now need some advice from trusted individuals like those I see in this forum. After some research, and from the urging of my husband, I’m now looking at transferring my money to TIAA-CREF, which recently became a provider offered by my employer. (Thank God for small miracles!) So I’m wondering which funds from TIAA-CREF I should invest in. Would it be in my best interest in also starting a ROTH? I currently have 36K in my account. My annual contribution to my account is $7200. Can anyone pass on any words of wisdom about their experience with TIAA? Thanks so much! I'm very grateful for this site. Liz
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