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  1. I like Vanguard, but TRP sounds really good too. I agree, .83 is not bad compared to alot of others out there. I believe there's normally a 3 day investment seminar. I went to one at the Staples Center a few years back - it was great - alot of great information on other retirement plans, types of mutual funds etc.... Not sure if the one in Vegas is the same type of deal.
  2. Letter sounds great! You are so informative! I've learned quite a bit reading all the posts! Thank you so much for giving everyone so much advice and a wealthful amount of information!
  3. Am I mistaken or have I not seen any changes with the new treasurer as well? What has he done for us lately? It's been almost a year...has anyone noticed anything? Seems to me that he's no better than the last two treasurers...all talk no action.
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