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  1. I do understand it is taxable. Right now I am in the 15% federal tax bracket and 6% state tax bracket. Once I start collecting social security in addition to my pension, I would not have much cushion before my withdrawals would put me in an even higher bracket.
  2. I am 56 and recently took early retirement. Some are suggesting that I take social security early at 62. I now have a 403b and also a Roth IRA. I am looking at trying to get some of the 403b money into the Roth IRA if possible. I would like to transfer as much as possible annually while staying in the 15% tax bracket. I know Roth IRA money is supposed to be earned income so I am asking around to make sure this move would be legal. The organization that I have the 403b and Roth IRA from thinks it is legal. Any thoughts out there?
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