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  1. have had a 403b with Relistar for 14 years. As of today, I have contributed a little over 100K in a fixed TSA. I am not satisfied with the return I have received. My total with interest is less than 150K. The plan is now paying 3.4% with a guarantee low of 3%. I am two years away from retirement(62)and considering moving to something that will give a higher return. Like so many other teachers, I did not spend time educating myself about this 403b plan until now. Hopefully, I will be able to improve my present situation. I should also add that have contributed 12,000 a year to this plan for the last six years and continue to contribute the same amount monthly. Any advice will be appreciated. Ben
  2. I will be 60 in Feb 2004. I will retire in June of that same year. I would like to know the pros and cons of rolling over my 403b to an IRA or leaving it with the insurance company for withdrawals. Norm
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