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  1. I have an annuity with Valic. I have been in the program over the basic penalty phase of five years. I have made a request through the superintendent for the following: 1. A direct asset transfer through 94-20. 2. The board revisit it's agreement with Valic. 3. A copy of the original contractual agreement between the board and Valic. While each school system has some variance in their plans with Valic, I would imagine most of them in Georgia, my home state, are pretty similar. If you have some basic knowledge or insight about these type plans, please share it with me. I am determined to rechart my disasterous financial course!!! febarnes
  2. I have been enrolled ina 403 b with Valic for six years. I have asked many questions that" financial advisors should be able to answer. However, they answers are not provided. This makes me uneasy as an investor. I recently asked for the 12b -1 fee schedule and I did not receive an answer. I asked why my returns had been flat for the six year enrollment period. Again, no clear concise answer. This is why I do not trust Valic with my money. They are not transparent or concise. As of today, I have requested a direct transfer to a Vanguard fund through 94-20. I found out about this rule form this site. Why? Because of disgruntled people like me looking for a fair return on their investment. Valic was just not getting the job done. It is not being harsh. However, it is a cruel fact for me as I have lived through this debacle for six years. THANKS TO ALL AND THE GOOD LORD FOR THIS BOARD!!!! Febarnes
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