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  1. Hello all! It was a pleasure to meet everyone for lunch/brunch on Saturday. I'm really glad you're all fighting the good fight, but at the same time saddened at the lack of participation from more teachers. Another thing I noticed (please, no offense to anyone) not enough young people plan/save/properly invest for retirement. I hope to see some more young(er) people getting involved and taking control of thier financial future. I hate it when somone who is 1-2 years from retirement comes to me and asks what they need to do to start planning for retirement. (People generally come to me with 457 questions at work) I'm pretty much to the point where I pull new employees aside one at a time and show them what percentage they need to be putting away in order to have a decent "nest egg." For 90% of them, it's a huge pay raise and they wouldn't miss it anyways. Okay, back from my tangent.... Again, it was a pleasure to meet everyone on Saturday and to be able to put faces to names. Crystal and I are looking forward to the next meeting once the dust has settled. :) --Roman
  2. My recommendation, if you truly need the money, is to stop your contributions to your 403(b), take out a personal loan from your bank/credit union and use the amount you have been contributing to pay it back. Once you've paid it back, start to invest again. I really hate to recommend this, but I feel it's your best bet. Let your savings gain interest while you pay off the loan. You'll save money in the long run. --Roman
  3. Hi, I'm Crystal's boyfriend. It seems to me the biggest problem teachers are facing is education about their 403(b) options. Crystal's come home many times and told me how the teachers she talks to react when she tells them they have other options. It seems that many teachers see the 403(b) as a savings account and not an investment. The ones she talks to don't expect to build any serious value. It's a real shame, especially since there are so many more options as compared to my Los Angeles County 457 which only has 10. --Roman
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