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  1. Hello All, Have been doing research and although I may be wrong I think that the Fidelity Freedom Fund 2035 has a much higher expense ratio (0.79) than Vanguard's Target Retirement Date 2035 fund (0.20). I am curious about the large discrepancy. I have researched and decided to go with Fidelity for my 403b due to the fact that Vanguard is not an option in my school district. Any advice on good index funds with Fidelity? It seems as if they have somewhat high minimum investments ($10,000 for the Spartan Total Market Index Fund) for many of their funds which makes getting started difficult. Does anyone know if there are exceptions to the minimums for individual investors using a 403b? I have taken advice and am in no big hurry, but I appreciate hearing from multiple perspectives of experienced investors. Thanks, Josh
  2. Steve, Thank you, very helpful. Can you tell me why I should stay away from VA except TIAA-Cref, what is different about theirs? Thanks again. Josh
  3. Hi all, I need some basic information concerning variable annuities. Are the expenses typically higher than with mutual funds? How do they differ? Should I, a 29 year-old teacher be looking at them instead of mutual funds? I have a meeting with an advisor tomorrow and would like some basic knowledge in order to ask the right questions. Also, I have a Roth IRA with Primerica/SmithBarney and called them today to ask about fees for rolling it out of there and into a different company. They said that all I would have to pay (class A shares) is a $30 termination fee and a $20 custodial fee. I was expecting much more, does this sound realistic? Thanks, Josh
  4. Hello All, First time posting. Here's my story; my wife and I have Roth IRAs with SmithBarney and are probably looking to get out of it and into something with lower fees. Admittedly going with Primerica was a bad move and I'm going to pay for it. But I'm 29 and I think that taking a hit now is worth it. In addition I'm looking to begin investing in a 403(b) with one of the lower-cost groups such as Vanguard, TRP, etc. Recently I sat down with an Edward Jones agent and she recommended American Funds for both my 403(b) and Roth. It made sense to me, but the as I do research the more overwhelmed I get. Advice? Josh
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