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  1. Kades is paying for our TPA hoping they get a lot of business. This plan is directly with Vanguard. $10 a year is being charged by Vanguard and that is it. NO FEES GO TO KADES MARGOLIS - THEY GET NOTHING. The reason Vanguard decided to agree to the Information Sharing Agreement is because there was a lot of pressure put on Kades' TPA - Employee Admin. Services and Vanguard to get an agreement done for Vanguard's home state. So once again - THIS IS DIRECTLY THROUGH VANGUARD. NOT THROUGH THE Money by Design that Kades does sell.
  2. Great news for most Pennsylvania teachers. Employee Admin. Services who is the TPA for Kades Margolis ( they have over 300 of the 501 districts in the state of PA ) agreed to work with Vanguard. Teachers maybe delayed for their first paycheck in Jan., but after that the deal will be signed and ready to go. I know that these new laws have not worked out for everyone, but with the ability to invest in a 403B, Roth 403B, and a 457 - I must say that it has really worked out for those of us in Pennsylvania. I really hope that it works out for all of the teachers throughout the country. Remember that if Vanguard does not sign - there is always 403B ASP - Which is a tremendous option. Here is hoping for everyone to do well.
  3. My district is looking at adding 403b ASP as a vendor - You can buy almost any mutual fund ( Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, and Fidelity) for a $40 per year charge per participant plus a .1% fee. Seems like a great deal. Any thoughts. Thanks
  4. I just wanted to get some feedback to see if one of them has more advantages to it. Does anyone out there have an opinion. Thanks
  5. I just wanted to get some feedback to see if one of them has more advantages to it. Does anyone out there have an opinion. Thanks
  6. It seems like this is a new way to purchase no-load mutual funds under the new IRS rules by purchasing the Security Benefits NEA Valuebuilder DirectInvest 403(b)(7) - I realize the choices are limited, but there are some good funds at low expense ratios. I also know the reputation of Security Benefits - which is not good. Am I missing something???? Does anyone know if there are any hidden fees? Thanks for the input. Brian
  7. I was wondering if any districts have found a no-load fund company for their employees? Are any of these companies signing information sharing agreements? Are any other districts using Employer Admin Services Inc. as their TPA? - Any thoughts on this company? Thanks, Brian
  8. I was trying to answer this question. Why are they a bad product to have in a 403B program? Do companies only offer them because they make more money.
  9. I am currently in a district and they want to go with a horrible provider. The district has asked us to come up with other TPA plans. Does anyone know of any TPA's that are working with the new 403B regs? Thanks
  10. Our district has decided to go with a Third Party Administrator. Are Vanguard and Fidelity going to stay in the business of 403B products? If they are - will the TPA allow my district use on of these companies? Thanks, Brian
  11. My union has let us know that Vanguard will not be part on the new 403B program. Did anyone else hear that?
  12. Are you still able to make a 90-24 transfers after Sept. 24 from a plan provider that is your district's list to another plan provider that is also on your district's list?
  13. Does anyone know when the news regs will begin? Is the 90-24 transfer rule going to end as well?
  14. Does anyone know if Vanguard will offer a 403B account after the new IRS laws go into effect starting Jan. 1? I called Vanguard and they are not even aware of the new laws that will soon be here. My school district's business manager says that he feels there is no way Vanguard will keep this type of account going. I appreciate any information.
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