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    457 For College?!?

    Thanks, this is helpful (although disappointing). It's the "while working" part I didn't get. Somehow I thought she could start taking it out once she was 59.5. That was my confusion. Hey, maybe my daughter could delay college for a while? Yes, we have a 529, and my plan all along has been to use that for my older daughter. But I was intriqued by the possibility of using pre-tax rather than post tax dollars for my younger daughter. Again, thanks for your help. Jargo
  2. My wife has a 457. My daughter will be going to college. My wife will be 59.5 when my daughter enters college. (We got started late!) My wife will not be retireing at age 59.5. Question 1: can she withdraw 457 funds even though she is not retired, but is 59.5? Question 2: Assuming yes to #1, is it better to save tax-free dollars in a 459 than after tax dollars in a 529 college savings plan for this purpose? (Note: We also have 403bs adequate for retirement. I am not cannibalizing that.) Thanks for your insights!
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