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  1. Again, I appreciate the information and help. Joel, obviously, if I had the prospectus I would read it. I thought these kind of sites were here to help one another. If you can't help, I guess you don't need to respond!
  2. cam

    403b Distributions

    Thanks for the information. I'll let you know what I find out. Thanks again.
  3. I had a contact from an insurance sales rep who represents Met Life and they offer a program called GMIB, or guaranteed minimum income benefit. The rider protects your investment against any downside risk by guaranteeing you an alternative account that is guaranteed to grow at 6% for a minimum of ten years. I have not seen the prospectus yet on this product. This means you could take more risk with your portfolio with supposedly no downside risk??? I've learned a long time ago that there is nothing "free" in life. There has to be a catch with this plan. Has anyone had experience or heard of this from one of your reps and could you give me your opinions. Thank you.
  4. I was recently told by a TIAA-CREF rep that since I had retired at 52 years of age, the money I had placed into my account would not be available until I was 59 1/2. I was under the impression that once you separated from service, you could withdraw your money, penalty free, at any age? Was I mistaken or is the rep mistaken? He also said, since I am now re-employed with another school corporation, and I am now 56, the money I now put in the accounts will be accessable when I separate from service again, but not the earlier money. Has anyone had experience with this and which way is it? Thanks for your help.
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