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  1. my "regular 403(b)" is a plan administrated by CalSTRS 403bComply where my pre-tax contribution (salary reductions) end up in a set of Franklin Templeton funds. Thanks for your help in this. I'm going to stick with my original investing plan set up years ago (max out the IRAs and 403(b) for my wife and I) and not go with the VALIC.
  2. I'm considering taking some of the funds accumulated in my 403(b) and putting it into something with guaranteed accumulation increase while I'm working and a pension like payout when I retire. My advisor has suggested a VALIC variable annuity (Portfolio Director) with IncomeLOCK+6 rider that guarantees a 6% increase for the first 12 years (while I'm still working) and then a set amount of withdrawal after I retire for life that can be between 4.5 to 5.5% of what I earned at the end of that 12 years of accumulation while I was still working. I'm balking at the fees: $15/year contract fee + 1.35% for the rider if it is a joint life that includes my wife. As near as I can tell the variable annuity part also has fees tacked on to it but I'm not sure about that. If there are fees with the variable annuity part (besides the $15/year contract fee), the total fees could be pretty large. Since I'm still 18-19 years from retiring, perhaps it would be best to just stick with the regular 403(b) and go with the market for a while.
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