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  1. Joel thanks again to you and others for the help. Regards, Len
  2. Thanks I'm glad to hear this--I was just using 34% as an example--one of our concerns is that we don't withdraw too little and then get a penalty when we file out tax return and haven't taken enough out or filed estimated tax forms--I think those penalties for not taking enough out can be pretty high? Regards, Len
  3. >WHAT TO WITHHOLD WHEN YOU ARE FORCED TO TAKE RMD< Thanks to all for this information--I've learned a lot. I have an even more basic question--when my wife tells them how much tax to withold will she get a chance to give a specific number--would they be willing to withhold a percentage like for example 34%--is there a place on the form to even do that. Thanks again. Len
  4. My wife is reaching 70 and 1/2 and has been informed that it's time to deal with Required Minimum Distributions for Members It says: "If you elect to receive an RMD payment from TRS, you may designate on the “RMD Election Form” the percentage of federal withholding to be applied to your RMD." Does that mean the form will give her a chance to put in an actual % amount- even as high as something like 35%. I'm new to this forum--am I in the right place to discuss this topic. Regards, Len
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