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  1. Yes I heard good things about them However, I dont think I want to invest in any Bonds. Need to build up and grow this money!!! If I used these funds I would go more for the 2035 target. Is that allowed??
  2. I have been researching so much I have a headache....District 403b allows me to get Fidelity or Vanguard. Fidelity charges $24 yearly for account no matter how many funds. Vanguard charges $15 per mutual fund selected per year for the account. I cannot limit myself to pick 3-4 vanguard funds...like too many. With Fidelity I would go Contra, mi-cap small-cap and an international one. This group seems VERY knowledgeable and I would appreciate your input on thse two Fund Groups. I am starting this very late in life and am proabably looking at a 4-5 year horizon of investing. THANKS>
  3. Both Fidelity and Vanguard are choices we have..I read about Spitpzer and NYSUT...Unbelievable.... Vanguard charges $15 per year per fund also for their 403b7. Will ask Fidelity if they have same fees..... Looks like ING is OUT................. Thanks
  4. I am getting into a 403b late in life..Teaching in public school only 5 years and have investment in TIAA-Cref from private school. Anyhow Union recommends ING which has list of mutual funds can use. Have previous non- retirement investments with Fidelity and Vanguard and like both. Are INGs mutual funds no-load, no-fee or does it vary? Read past posts re ING and neg comments...Comments and advice please ...this groups seems VERY knowledgeable....
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