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  1. those are my current funds and allocations in the 403(b) i have been a participant for 5.5 years
  2. FidAdv StkSel MdCap A 11.91% 14,677.521300 1.751822 $25,712.41 FidAdv Strat Inc A 8.95% 10,309.909600 1.874102 $19,321.82 LeggM ClrBrdg LgCap Gr A 11.94% 12,230.089500 2.107739 $25,777.84 LeggM ClrBrdg SmCap Gr A 12.22% 12,231.326500 2.156933 $26,382.15 NW Inv Dest Cnsrv Svc 16.77% 26,258.517800 1.378670 $36,201.82 NW Mny Mkt Inst 14.83% 32,060.622800 0.998098 $31,999.64 NW S P 500 Indx Svc 23.36% 37,923.740000 1.329398 $50,415.73 Total: $215,811.41
  3. I am a newbie to this forum. And to my own investing in general. I have an IRA that was my former employer's 401(k) which I rolled into an IRA at Morgan Stanley 6 years ago. My TRAK Personalized Investment Advisory Service in 6 years has yielded exactly nothing - I am at the same place as when I gave it to them to work for me - that is my problem. I now work for a nonprofit with a 403(b) which is invested in some very well performing funds and I'm making a lot of money there. I'd like to roll my IRA into the 403(b) - and I can't find any information as to tax consequences if any, or whether it is a Roth IRA or not matters. Does anyone on this message board have any experience with this? Please advise.
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