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  1. Roberta, I read you comments directed to Steve. I personally prefer passive investing; however, I would like hear your take on why you prefer active investing over passive investing. I will approach any information you send me with an open mind. If you could, would please post some links that might change my mind on active investing. You can also email me at: gerryborn@mail.com Thanks Gerry Born
  2. I've heard that Valic's employees do not use Valic for their own retirements. I believe someone wrote that it is against the law to make employees invest their retirement accounts with their employers. However, this appears to be yet more annuity sales rep manure. TIAA-CREF employees are allowed to invest in T-C products (http://www5.tiaa-cref.org/careers/candidate/benefits_security.html#401). The same is true for Vanguard (http://www.vanguardcareers.com/benefits_compensation.shtml#thrift_plan) The fact is that no financial advisor worth his salt would invest his own money in a Valic-like annuity plan. Of course Valic employees don't invest with Valic. If they do, I'd bet the house and the collective retirement savings of all of this board's readers that they get A TOTALLY DIFFERENT FEE STRUCTURE TO WORK WITH. In short, investing with Valic is detrimental to your retirement income. They are to be avoided at all cost. I am still yet to see a Valic rep kiss a client before he ...
  3. I was checking out the Valic return info at: http://www.aigvalic.com/valic2000/valicfiles.nsf/lookup/performance/$file/performance.pdf Wow! You can lose over 4% a year in their money market fund! The word "criminal" springs to mind. Valic truly sucks. I also love they way they tout their high insurance rating. Of course they are strong and will remain strong as long as they continue to extract so much money in the form of fees while paying out so little in the way returns. The solution is for people to cut off their water. Did I mention that I hate Valic? Regards Sorry for the rant.
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