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  1. Michael, thank you for the information. It is very helpful. Martha
  2. Thank you all very much for the valuable information. Do you know anything about a SEP (simplified employee pension) Plan? I learned of it through Mutual of America. It is a no charge plan. It is a SEP-TDA and not a 403(b) plan. I don't know much about this and wonder if my employees would be better off with a 403(b) plan. Or does it matter? Again, thanks so much for your great advise. Martha
  3. I am looking for a low cost or no cost 403(b) plan that will allow the employer to make a bi-monthly contribution to the employees' plan. Any thoughts or ideas? We are a nonprofit with 29 employees and I think between 15 and 20 will take advantage of this offer. The employees are all low income women who have not previously invested in their retirement.
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