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  1. unfortunately I am still with the same district. There has got to be a loophole that will allow me to direct that money to something more profitable. If I don't put anymore cash into it, which I haven't in over a year now, it is entirely possible that it would lose money over time due to the fee's involved.
  2. I have tried unsuccessfully to get to my money in my 403b. I have searched the net adn canot figure out how to get access to what little I have in my account. Maybe 4k right now. I need this money to invest in another rental property. I tried to do a total surrendr but the paperwork was sent back with a nice little letter stating that federal law will not allow this. I don't care about the fees or the taxes. I can make that up the first year in tax write offs from the new property. I have seen where it could be rolled over to an IRA. I have a Roth IRA through etrade that I have had for 9 years now. Can I roll this money over to that then cash out? I really hate the fact that you can't get ot your own money. I don't know what would qualify as a hardship to go that route either. Any help to get my money away from the AXA bandits would be appreciated.
  3. slikster

    How Is Axa?

    Stay away from AXA!!!! I called to cash out my poorly performing account after 3 years and they told me that I could only cash out if I left the district. They said I have to leave 500 in the account at all times. According to them this is an IRS rule but they can't tell me which rule this is. Stay away
  4. slikster

    403 B Cash Out

    I am in the same boat. I have been investing 100 a month from my teacher pay. I only have about 3400 in the account. I called AXA equitable to see about taking the tax hit and severing ties with them. They told me the IRS has a rule that I cannot completely close my account that I must leave 500 in the account. Sound like AXA BS to me. I don't mind paying the taxes on it or even the 10% extra to the IRS, I just want the money out for my rental property. Can I completely sever ties with them and just take the hit? Rick
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